BitLaunch Ups your Online Anonymity Using Crypto and The Cloud

BitLaunch offers access to popular VPS cloud servers, allowing you to pay for an account using your favorite cryptocurrencies. On the surface, this is a pretty basic offering, but a godsend for web admins and developers who want access to a (reliable) cloud-based VPS, but would rather avoid using a credit card or PayPal balance.


Anonymity assured with BitLaunch

The reviews since BitLaunch first released their offering has all been positive. Here’s what people think about it on Product Hunt, as well as on a popular Bitcoin Forum – to name a couple.

They act as an intermediary between crypto users and popular SSD VPS server hosts like Digital Ocean, VULTR, and Linode. These, and most, if not all legitimate cloud server providers don’t currently accept crypto payments.

Being among the top providers online, developers and admins all over the place immediately got excited when BitLaunch decided to partner with these companies and act as an intermediary, allowing anonymous payment via the most popular (and even less popular) cryptocurrencies like:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Dash
  • Litecoin

While it’s not clear on their homepage just how many crytpocurrencies they take, they do encourage you to contact them if you use something that isn’t listed. So, chances are they’ll take any legit, verified form of crypto you’d like to gain access to an anonymous server.

Bitlaunch dashboard screenshot

You still have to abide by the host’s ToS

The really nice thing about using a completely anonymous crypto payment to purchase a VPS is it’s completely on the up-and-up. You simply make your transfer, and they’ll fire up your private cloud VPS instantly. BitLaunch assures their customers they have zero access to your server once it’s up and running.

It’s worth noting they aren’t condoning illegal activity using their service. BitLaunch is merely a friend in the cloud who takes your cryptocurrency, then pays the server host using their own funds for your node. However, if you’re found violating that hosts terms of service, they won’t protect you from losing that server.

Host from anywhere in the world in complete secrecy

The company simply believes that it’s your right to complete privacy. If you’re running a site that your friends or family might not approve of, such as an adult site or some other type of sensitive subject matter or affiliate campaign, the last thing you want is for your name to be out there for everyone to see. The big problem with many of the sketchy hosting companies out there that accept crypto is that they’re unreliable, and tend to be resellers who deal with questionable server providers, who don’t place a strong focus on data encryption or uptime.

Since BitLaunch has partnered with three of the biggest encrypted cloud-based VPS providers in the world (VULTR, Digital Ocean, Linode), you don’t have to worry about downtime, or getting locked out of your node. You also get access to their worldwide network of servers. Run your VPS out of New York, London, Toronto, or wherever else you want to in complete secrecy.

Tax free transactions

Big legitimate (Ie., reliable) cloud server companies have to operate everything in the black. Meaning, they need to collect taxes on every transaction made, if your home country requires it. You also have to pay interest on CC payments.

Using your crypto balance to pay cancels out these expenses, in addition to the privacy you gain using a host that offers top-level encryption technology. Purchasing prepaid cards is a popular method of gaining anonymity, but it’s a pain, and you still end up paying taxes on the initial purchase, and expensive transaction fees levied by the card provider.


Crypto is the future and BitLaunch makes it possible for you to do business anonymously, without the risks that come from sketchy hosts and resellers who don’t have your best interests in mind.

Learn more about BitLaunch here.