Custom Airpods – The Ultimate Employee Gift!

Once, the word “apple” referred only to a fruit that grows on an tree. Now, it’s come to represent one of the biggest companies the modern world has ever seen. Tell someone you want an “Apple” and it’s likely you’ll have to explain yourself if you actually want a piece of fruit!

The company provides much of the leading technology on the market. From their iPod to their iPhones, everyone knows the name Apple. One product that they have recently begun producing is Airpods.

Apple has always had their own special earbuds. But the special thing about the latest version of their earbuds – Airpods –  is that they’re wireless. One of the last versions of the iPhone didn’t have an audio jack to plug earbuds into, which meant that the only way to have earbuds with that phone was to use a pair of wireless Airpods.

customized airpods

Many people loved this, while others took an immediate disliking to the design change. Some were dispassionate and didn’t care either way. Now that Airpods are beginning to become more popular, people are wanting to customize them. This product only comes in one color from the company, white. This is all well and good, but people enjoy expressing their passions and individuality through their electronic devices, and Airpods are no exception.

More and more companies and artistic individuals are finding ways to customize the pods for more individuality. Here, you will learn all about the new trend of customizing Airpods as well as where to buy them and how to choose a design.

Endless Airpod Customizations on the Market

The first thing to consider is all of the different styles that are available. The point of this trend is mostly to allow Airpods owners to express themselves and show off their creativity, all while listening to some amazing music. This means there are as many customization possibilities as there are individuals. The goal is to find the one that will best represent you and your personality.

Many people choose a beautiful scene such as the beach or the night sky. Others prefer bold color choices such as a bright red or a deep indigo. Others still want something from their favorite fandom.

Before committing to a particular design, be certain that it is the best design for you. Of course, you can always buy multiple customized sets, but that would be incredibly expensive. If you are having trouble deciding on the type of design or color scheme that you are interested in, try browsing online examples for inspiration.

Remember, since the pods only come in one style and color from the factory, you will have a larger expense having them customized. Custom Airpods, like anything that is customized, runs into quite a bit of money.

Don’t look to Apple for Airpod customization

As previously stated, Apple does not sell custom Airpods. So, you may be wondering, where exactly can you buy them? The answer is many places.

One of the biggest online companies right now is Etsy which is a shop similar to EBay. Like, EBay, sellers from all over can post their wares. Each seller sets their own prices, shipping fees, shipping policies, return policies, and many other specific details.

The primary difference between Etsy and EBay is that on the latter you can sell almost anything while on the former, your items must either be handmade or antique. Since customized Airpods are considered handmade since they do have to go through the customization process, they are acceptable to sell on Etsy.

There are also quite a few companies that boast the ability to customize Airpods. Some make a myriad of designs while others stick to a specific theme.

Custom Airpods

Custom Airpods Make Great Holiday Gifts

With the holidays fast approaching, many people are considering these decked out Airpods for gifts. You can purchase a unique setting for every tech-savvy person on your list.

To find exactly what you want for each person, you will have to search the internet using design-specific keywords. Many times when searching for a product or company, it is necessary to look within a specific location which requires keywords directed at the location. However, when searching for custom Airpods, your primary concern will be the design that you want.

Some people may still choose to add location descriptors in an attempt to find a company that has a warehouse located in a specific area. The reasoning behind this is faster shipping. If you are considering doing this, keep in mind that sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. There is no guarantee that a package will arrive quickly simply because the warehouse is closer to you than another.

This trend is on the rise right now, but like any trend, there is no telling how long it will last. Trends are peculiar things. There doesn’t always seem to be any rhyme or reason behind what becomes a trend and what does not. Also, there is little way to determine how long a given trend will last. The human race is an incredibly fickle bunch. What is popular today may be forgotten by tomorrow. Then, five to ten years from now, the same trends may come back into style. Some trends repeat themselves throughout time while others fade away and are forgotten as if they never existed.

There is no telling where customized Airpods will fall on this spectrum, so strike fast before trends change.


This has been some very basic information about custom Airpods, but there is much more to learn. The best way to find out more is to start looking for companies and vendors that sell the type of designs that you are interested in. Then you can find production information, shipping information, and many other important details.

Vendors will likely be selling out of various designs as it gets closer to the holiday season, so do not wait to order the ones you want. If you are having trouble finding the design or type of design you want, do not hesitate to reach out to a vendor and ask if they can make what you want. It never hurts to ask, the worst that can happen is that they will say they cannot do it.