When Innovation Meets Technology: The Stories of These 4 Robotics Startups Will Motivate You to Give It Your Best Shot

Robotics is our future and the future is now. Robotics is at the forefront of technology and leading the way into this vast territory are brilliant startups that are blowing the minds of people all over the world.

These amazing startups have transcended expectations and are creating some of the most innovative robotic designs imaginable. This is the stuff of a Sci-Fi movie lover’s dreams. If you have ever considered launching into the deep realm of robotics, keep reading to learn about the top four robotics startups, so you can become motivated to dive in and give it your best shot.

Top robotics startups

Design Meets Innovation

There are now more robotics startups than ever before which are encouraging brilliant minds from all over the world to get onboard. At one point, the automotive industry required the highest volume of robot sales, but in 2018, non-automotive sales rose 24% from the previous year.

For the first time in the history of robotics, the automotive industry’s needs and non-automotive robotic needs are running in almost exacting proportions.

Four Robotics Startups Are Skyrocketing to Success

1. Ubtech Robotics

Ubtech Robotics is a Chinese startup that began in 2012. Ubtech Robotics was begun by Zhou Jian. This startup was launched in the hopes more affordable humanoid robots could be developed, so they could one day be in every home.

Since their launch, Ubtech has rapidly become one of the top robotic firms in China and they have truly earned that honour. From dancing robots to those who provide security, this company has created some of the most amazing robotics in the world.

2. Saildrone

Saildrone is a startup that was launched by an engineer named Richard Jenkins. His idea was to create robotic ships that could transverse the seas and measure weather or other scientific data without the need for human operation.

Since the launch of his startup in 2012, he has garnered the attention of many investors to the tune of over $88 million.

3. Soft Robotics Inc.

Soft Robotics Inc. is an interesting robotic startup that is creating strong robotic arms by incorporating state-of-the-art tech – e.g. like the use of a laser tube. Th robotic arms can be used in the manufacturing industry to quickly and safely move products, without causing damage.

This startup was launched in 2013 by Carmichael Roberts and George M. Whitesides. In 2018 alone, this company was able to raise over $20 million from investors.

4. Arevo Labs

Arevo Labs was launched in 2013 by Riley Reese. This startup was able to use 3D printing technology to create a robotic arm that has the ability to more easily create 3D printed satellite and airplane parts.

This startup was recently able to collect $12.5 million from some of its investors.

Robots welding in a factory

Let Your Journey Begin

All of the above robotics startups began with the same purpose. They had a dream and a belief in themselves. If you have ever dreamed of going into robotics and making your dreams come true, now is the ideal time to get started.

Allow the above success stories to help motivate you to reach your goals. Put your brilliance and imagination to work and begin to see how your own startup could become more than just a dream.