Jerome Karam: A Friendswood Real Estate Developer Is Shaking Up Texas And Lousiana’s Industry

As a former Friendswood attorney turned real estate developer, Jerome Karam has worked on and continues to work on several projects ventures in South West Louisiana and Texas. For over twenty years through hard work and dedication, Karam has accomplished numerous successful projects in the mentioned areas.

Jerome Karam
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He has recently returned back to his hometown in Louisiana to start on real estate projects that involve several apartments and a commercial building in Kinder.

Currently, Karam’s company is eagerly anticipating the opening of the old JC Penny storage building by this upcoming year. The former JC Penny storage building will be reconstructed into a six hundred or more unit of Indoor Climate Controlled storage. This is just one of the many projects Karam envisions for the state of Texas by breathing new life to the old “Mall of the Mainland” found in Texas City.

Karam’s company has converted The Lester Davidson Building into five Town Homes which includes garages. Located in the heart of Historic Strand District in Galveston, Texas, the five Town Houses took over one and half year in constructing and at the moment, three out of five of the Town House units have been leased. Other than the beautiful location and view, the wonderful exposed brick and flooring, these units come with their own garage which is a really needed feature as it is hard to find parking in Downtown Galveston.

One of the distinguished and proud accomplishments of Jerome Karam and his company is the purchasing old YMCA building. The old YMCA building, or better known by locals as “EADO” or East-Downtown, has been left in a devastated and abandoned state after Hurricane Harvey.

Through Karam and his team, they were able to revitalize the iconic building and are offering low cost, but advanced state of the art facility and equipment that can cater to different clientele who are interested in joining their classes. The classes offered in the new and improved YMCA building include but are not limited to the following: Body Pump, Kickboxing, Yoga, and et cetera. They also had a state of the art sauna built within the building for all those who need to unwind after an intensive work out. The restored YMCA building is expected to be fully operational and running at the start of next year.

To learn more about Jerome Karam and his latest endeavors, you can visit his website and check out what’s his next project. You can also personally visit him at his office which is located at 308 W. Parkwood Suite 104-A, Friendswood, TX 77546.