Video Production Trends That Are Set To Redefine The Video Landscape In 2019

In 2019, expert video production is no longer a novelty; it’s a necessity. If you want to outdo your competition, engage more with your customers and also build brand awareness, you’ll have to keep up with video production trends.

With more than 500 million hours of video being watched on YouTube every day, it goes to show how people like videos and their willingness to divert their time and attention to video content. And these numbers haven’t gone unnoticed; CEOs, business owners, and marketers are working to create compelling videos for their brands.

But with everyone looking to get a piece of the pie, how do you get the most significant portion?

Video productions in progress

Here are some of the top video production trends in 2019 to get you ahead of the curve.

Shoot With A Purpose And For Success

In 2019, before you start shooting videos, you need to know why you are making the video. Previously, you might have created video content because everyone else was doing it. But should that be the primary drive? While you might have gotten away with creating video content without a purpose, that might not be the case in 2019. Good videos have a solid foundation, are built with strategic planning and of course, purpose.

So, to make video content a game changer for you, don’t treat video production as an afterthought. Instead, take your time before you dive in head first. Are you creating videos for education? Is it for entertainment? When you’ve defined the purpose of the video. You can tailor its content to suit your target audience as well as the desired platform.

Also, create videos for success. Invest time, talent, and money into the production process. By giving your all in the production, you can improve the feel and look of your videos – they will look professional and feel creative.

Online Learning

Want videos to work for you in 2019? Create online video courses and tutorials. While today one can find written courses of pretty much everything, people would rather watch a tutorial instead of reading a 500 pages online course. So, do some digging or even a survey, find out what your target audience’s most significant challenges are, and create the video around their needs and integrate them into e-learning platforms.

By allowing people to learn through your online courses, you not only address their primary concerns but also increase brand awareness and loyalty. As a result, people will turn to you whenever they need reliable and educating content. Also, you’ll incentivize your target audience to provide feedback and even to share your video content.

Video Authenticity & Emotions

Vebu video, a video production company based in london stress that another thing to look out for is video authenticity, story, and emotions. Videos are visual and visual content leave a more significant impression as compared to written material. So, you’ll want to make the best of your videos.

Videos in 2019 will be tailored towards featuring strong storylines and main characters. Therefore, your video must tell a story, but not just any story – it needs to show an authentic and emotional story. So, when looking to create videos in 2019, you might want to toss away the scripts and feature real people and stories in your videos.

Authenticity is about giving your target audience a clear view of what happens behind the scenes. And when you have a well portrayed documentary-like video, people will want to see more. After all, people love and trust authentic productions more than scripted production. However, while authenticity is vital, you must always remain in control of the narrative.

While always trying to be real, also make the videos to connect with the audience’s emotions. For instance, show some of the challenges that your employees or customers face and how they overcome these challenges. Authentic and emotional stories are what resonates with your audience. So, customize your videos to be the medium of that connection.

Video shooting for a promotional campaign
photo credit: Bill Rice / Flickr

Video Production Company

With videos being the favorite form of content for consumers on social media, and consumers spending 88% more time on sites with video content, you might want to start your video production as soon as possible. But how prepared are you? Moreover, who should you hire for your video marketing campaign? If you’re looking to leverage the full benefits of video marketing, it is imperative that you consider hiring a specialized video production company.

Previously, a video production company would have been a firm that only films and edits your video content. However, in 2019, these agencies have shifted their skill sets and now can provide clients with more services including:

  • Pre-production
  • Filming
  • Insights
  • Strategy
  • Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Distribution

Therefore, now you can get all services pertaining to video production under one roof. These companies can also assess your overall video marketing campaign and help you repurpose your content into different media formats each suitable for a different social media platform.

Bottom line, when working on your video Production strategy in 2019, keep the above core trends in mind and stand a chance to see amazing results and stay ahead of your competition.