Brand Awareness On A Budget: How To Do It Quick And With Style

The one thing that separates great brands from the rest of the market is brand awareness. Great brands sit comfortably at the top of the customers’ minds. They are easily recognizable from even the most minute brand characteristics.

To get to that point, however, you need to invest in brand awareness. Through marketing campaigns and activities, you can get customers to remember your brand more. In fact, it is now possible to make the brand itself more relatable on a personal level.

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But what if you don’t have the budget for an extensive brand awareness campaign? Building brand awareness doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and the tips and tricks we are about to discuss in this article will help you get started.

Tweak Your Brand

In order for your brand to be recognizable, you need to make it worth recognizing. A plain typography logo with Times New Roman as the font of choice is not going to cut it. Customers need to like the brand in order to remember it, and having a catchy brand gives you a head start in this department.

Take the time to tweak your brand and make it more recognizable. You don’t always need to make big changes to the brand itself; you only need to make sure that the design of the brand and the key messages you convey when marketing it are in line.

Make Merchandises

Branded merchandise is the best investments to make if you are running a brand awareness campaign. Items like T-shirts, all kinds of lapel pins, jackets, mugs, and many other products last forever. Once they are in the hands of customers that find these items useful, your brand will stay with them for a long time.

Merchandise also brings more exposure to the brand. When a customer wears your lapel pin, you know that others who see that pin are exposed to your brand. Some may even be curious enough to Google you and learn more.

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Use Content Marketing

On the digital side, run an effective content marketing campaign to increase your website traffic substantially. Articles and videos that viewers find useful are what you need for this digital marketing campaign.

Create a Blog section on your main website and talk about topics related to your brand; don’t talk about your products and services because promotion isn’t the goal at this point. If you want to build the value of your brand, you have to be classy with your marketing campaigns.

Leverage Ads

Building brand awareness takes time and you cannot always speed up the process. That said, you can still gain traction early in the campaign using ads and advertising networks. The purpose isn’t to raise brand awareness directly, but rather as a starting point and for grabbing the audience’s attention.

For the ads to be effective, you have to think about your landing page and the call to action you want to add. Video ads are also highly recommended because video is more accurate for conveying key messages.

Live video streaming

Host an Event

One last trick we are going to discuss in this article is hosting an event, preferably an event that brings in high-profile – but relevant – guests. To save money on the event, do it online. Yes, it is possible.

I’m talking about doing flash sales and special events for buyers (i.e. live stream with the brand’s ambassador or an influencer. Run a promotional campaign alongside the event so viewers can move forward and engage if they enjoy the event.

There is no shortage of ways to build brand awareness. The tips and tricks we discussed in this article, however, will give you the best start – and a much better result.