4 Tips to Improve Authentic Instagram Followers in 2019

Modern business owners are flexible with their approach to promote their brand in any platform. Whether it is television, banners, radio, or through social networking sites like Instagram, it is the result they look forward to the most. Interestingly, Instagram offers a highly intelligent algorithm to business owners that you can use to improve your authentic followers. But the problem is, Instagram provides the same facility to many users, and that’s what complicates things a bit. However, there are a few techniques that you can use to gain authentic Instagram followers.

Authentic instagram followers

1. Become a trendsetter through vertical videos

A recent data shows that more than 400 million Instagram users view the stories that their followers post. Moreover, with the launch of IGTV, video content is fast growing on Instagram, and you can use it to increase your authentic Instagram followers. Before uploading a video, you need to identify the type of content that your target audience may like. For example, if they are more interested in a product description video or a product benefit video. Another key metric to look out for is the audience retention rate on IGTV. This will provide the details of the exact time when viewers stopped watching one of your videos. In this way, once you find the right combination of appropriate content and time span for the videos, there will be more viewers and followers for your Instagram handle.

2. Make your Instagram profile your business card

Your company’s Instagram profile needs to function as the company’s business card. Since you only have a few seconds to entice a viewer and make him hit the follow button, your profile must be aesthetic to draw the attention of your target customers. Starting from the colors used on the profile picture to the images posted on the feed, customers notice everything. So, rethink your brand’s identity and personality, and come up with an aesthetic approach that will convey a positive message to the customers through your company profile.

3. Develop promotional AR filters

Augmented reality filters are the latest trend in Instagram marketing. The more realistic your marketing technique is, the more authentic followers your profile will have. For example, if you are selling sunglasses, you can use AR filters to allow your Instagram followers to try on some of the glasses virtually. They can upload one of their photos and see what the tinge of the sunglass will look once they wear it.

4. Tailored campaigns are more effective

The easiest way to tailor your campaigns on Instagram is by focusing on your niche and your audience’s needs. Find out how you can communicate with words and images better. You can also collaborate with brand partners and Instagram influencers to gain higher and authentic Instagram followers. However, don’t look for an influencer who doesn’t fit your business niche. If you are from the fashion industry search for an Instagram influencer from fashion and not from the IT sector.


Instagram is a very competitive space, but if you can follow the right steps, you can make it big here. These new strategies may help increase your authentic Instagram followers in 2019 and flourish your business significantly.