5 Simple Cold Email Writing Tips From Experts

Sending an effective cold email can be quite tricky, especially because many prospects may consider cold emails as spam. However, with a few expert tips, learning how to send personal and effective cold emails that draw attention and response from prospects is possible.

Sending cold emails can be a great way to generate leads and grow your brands and there are several professionals that use cold emails effectively. Solutions like ScopeLeads can greatly improve the process of lead generation and create personalized emails that can effectively encourage response.

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These 5 simple cold email writing tips can help you send a powerful message to prospects.

1. Identify Leads

It is not the best idea to send out tons of generic cold emails to numerous targets and hope for a response. This is because the message will come across as generic and you could risk being marked as spam.

Initially identifying your leads through social platforms, such as LinkedIn, you will be able to address the target in a suitable manner and write a more personal message. Knowing your target is as important as the content of your email. The more personal your message, the more likely you will receive a response from the prospect.

2. Establish A High-Quality Contact List

Sending cold emails will only be effective if you are sending them to the right people and organizations. Because cold emailing can be a timely process, it is a great idea to buy high-quality contact lists from lead generation platforms. This will ensure that you are able to receive an impressive response rate. It can be undeniably damaging for your reputation to send cold emails to the wrong people.

3. Vague But Strong Subject Lines

The subject line of your email needs to be strong enough to draw attention. Case studies show that vague subject lines have higher open rates. Mastering an effective subject line is a key element to ensuring your cold emails are being read by prospects, which is why you should avoid the email appearing as spam and pay attention to details.

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4. Be personal

Rather than opting for generic templates, take the time to write a personal email and speak directly to the prospect. It is important that your email carries a personal tone rather than a generic.

While avoiding spelling and grammar errors is crucial to ensure that your message is professional, including a brief, low-pressure and clear call to action is essential for a response. A call to action can be included with the intention of receiving a direct response to a question or proposing a meeting. Including only one call to action in your message is adequate.

5. Keep You Message Short

Nobody likes a long and boring email. Try stick to 3-5 sentences to keep your message short and powerful enough to draw attention. By including too many details, your message could become difficult to digest and prospects are unlikely to show any interest.

Sentence structure and length are also important aspects that will ensure your email is easy to read. Offering a free trial or a short and interesting video clip in your email is also a great way to keep prospects interested.

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Should You Follow-Up On Cold Emails?

You can more than double your response rate simply sending a follow-up to your emails. Surprisingly, with as many as 4-7 follow-up emails in a sequence, you can drastically increase your response rate. Even though this may seem risky, your response rate will increase because there is a significant chance your emails are not being opened as they were sent at the wrong times. Your prospects may be busy and they could also be receiving several cold emails per day, resulting in your email being buried beneath them.

When sending a follow-up email, remember to maintain a personal tone and to keep the message short and to the point. It is highly likely that prospects may even admire your perseverance and consider the follow-up emails as admirable determination.