Should You Really Be Using Google AdWords For Your Business?

You have probably seen the alleged benefits of Google AdWords being talked about online. In simple terms, using AdWords is a way of getting an ad for your business online. You pay every time that someone clicks the ad.

On the face of it, this may seem like a good way of attracting people to your business. However, there are several reasons why using Google AdWords for your business might not be the best idea.

Google AdWords

Clicks do not necessarily lead to an increase in revenue

You cannot get away from the fact that you are paying for clicks that may not bring you any return. The fact that a person clicks on a link, which directs them to your website, does not mean that they will invest in your products or services. It could simply be that they are casually browsing the Internet because they have time to kill.

It’s hard to compete with big brands

AdWords has become more expensive since it was first introduced. This means that you can end up paying a lot of money per click. If this is the case it can be difficult for you to compete with big brands where the amount of money they have to pay is not as much of an issue.

Using AdWords is a lot more complicated than it may seem

Despite what Google may tell you, setting up an AdWords account, and using it, is not straightforward. It’s very easy to get it wrong and this can end up costing you a lot of money.

Advertising on Adwords and similar platforms can help increase awareness of your brand

There is a lot of maintenance involved

It’s not just setting up a Google AdWords account that is complicated and time-consuming; there is also a lot of maintenance involved once the account is up and running. The time taken to complete this maintenance is one of many reasons why using Google AdWords is not necessarily a good choice, especially for small businesses.

Tracking results can be difficult

There are analysis tools that you can make use of when your business is using Google AdWords. However, for many small businesses, much of the buying process is completed offline. This can make it difficult to track the effectiveness of a Google AdWords campaign.

Using a marketing agency is expensive

You may be thinking that you can overcome many issues with Google AdWords if you hire the services of a marketing agency. However, marketing agencies can be expensive to use. This is especially important for startups where budgets are tight. This cost is one reason why many startups decide to opt for in-house marketing as opposed to agency marketing. Given this situation, it may not be ideal to have to use the services of an agency to deal with Google AdWords issues.

You can see that using Google AdWords for your business may not be the best way to go. There are many issues to overcome and it can be difficult to effectively analyze the benefits.