It’s Never too Early For Christmas Shopping!

For the average person, Christmas is still far away. But if you’re in the corporate space – or even if you’re the official family gifter – you’re already jingling those bells and counting those coins. After all, it takes time to buy the perfect Christmas present.

Christmas gift hampers early shopping

If you’re shopping for immediate family, wholesale Christmas gift hampers are a great idea. So yes, there are instances where a gift basket doesn’t go astray. Still, if you’re buying more than ten hampers, you need to start doing your logistics early. If you wait for the Christmas delivery rush, your gifts will arrive too late, and you may have to pay extra from premium shipping. So even as you pick a gift for each loved one, note their address and schedule.

Pre-Planning Saves Christmas

If you want these gifts delivered to their door-step, whether or not you want to surprise them, it can be helpful to find out when they’ll be home so you can book the delivery truck accordingly. Many of these companies have gift concierges that can help you tailor your presents.

But let’s step back into the corporate space for a moment. If you’re Christmas shopping on behalf of your employer, Christmas gift baskets are a convenient short-cut. Except you don’t want recipients feeling their presents are generic. One way to customise each gift is to include corporate branding. Some hamper firms will print your company’s logo onto the gift box.

This way, you can clearly distinguish gift packs for different clients. You can also use a different gift set for internal gifts (your own staff) vs external gifts (for clients and partners). Apart from the logo, you can also have the gift box branded in company colours, or tied off with a company-coloured ribbon. It’s all in the little things.

Christmas present

The Inside Counts

Now let’s think about the content of your gift basket. Most hamper companies have a selection of Christmas-sy gift boxes. They’ll have the usual fruit cake, chocolate, cranberry-laced goodies, and maybe even some fruit cake. These hampers have a basic ‘menu’, but they allow you to add items according to your preference. So, for example, you could add champagne or cookies.

You still have months to go, and that’s plenty of time to review your giftee’s preferences. Do they like chocolate, cheese, or Christmas crackers? If they’re drinkers, do they want sparkling Sauvignon or aged whisky? Are they vegans that would rather have rice crackers and figs?

Do a little research to ensure nobody receives a potentially offensive present. Finally, double-check the addresses, contact details, and names of the people you’re gifting. You don’t want to dim their excitement by spelling their name wrong.