Opportunities For Automation Whilst Launching A Business

One of the keys to productivity and making money in business is to automate as much as possible. This frees you up with the time to concentrate on tasks that will build your business, such as finding new clients, researching and developing new services and attending conferences and networking events.

Automation for business launch

Below is a look at some of the areas you can automate tasks in your business so you can devote more time to building up the business and its profitability continuously:

Social media and content marketing

Marketing is one of those tasks that people tend to move to the bottom of the to-do list and of which they underestimate the importance because it’s not billable work. When you’re building a business, however, you have to keep content marketing constantly and there’s scope for automation here.

If you’re creating your own content, you can use tools such as Buffer to publish content on your social media platforms and you can schedule your blog posts in WordPress so that your website publishes them automatically for you.


Invoicing is one of those repetitive tasks on which a little automation can save a lot of time. When you’re going to be providing the same service to the same recipients regularly, you can automate your invoicing. Good accounting software can do this for you and send the invoices out automatically.

If you’re looking for help with your invoicing or other areas of your accounting and require some reliable solutions, services like BTC Solutions provide solutions for accounting needs for companies of any sizes.

Analytical reporting


As you get the business of the ground, you have to monitor its progress so you can make all the right changes to keep it going. Reports will help you make those decisions, but don’t waste time asking your staff to compile reports each week for you. Make the most of tools that can pull the information together and generate the reports for you automatically, especially when it comes to your online marketing. You’ll receive the reports regularly and don’t have to chase your employees for them either.

Expense tracking

You’ll be watching your money carefully throughout the life of your business and will need to track your expenses. Rather than create expense reports, however, you can use an app to log them, get a quick snapshot of your expenses and then decide where to cut back.

Launching a business is a real journey, not to mention a thrilling endeavour. Identify where you can save time on tasks and use automation to help you perform will allow you to make your business a success. Good luck!