5 Things to Know About Electric Warehouse Heaters

If you own a company or you are in charge of one, you should know all about electric warehouse heaters and what you can do with them. They have many uses, which is why they’re consistently bestsellers.

We’ll run through some heater facts that should prepare you for when you’re ready to do some shopping.

Warehoue heater installation
photo credit: Vistavision / Flickr

You Can Use Them Along with an HVAC System

Most buildings have an HVAC system. It stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. You can use your HVAC system to:

  • Warm the building during the colder months
  • Cool it during the summer
  • Flush out any smells, smoke, or chemical irritants

You can have an HVAC system in an office building, warehouse, etc. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have some electric warehouse heaters as well.

If you have a big, drafty warehouse and security there at night, you might want an electric warehouse heater for their desk or guardhouse. You might want to set up a few along your assembly line for your workers.

You may have several for office cubicles if your HVAC system does not heat your office space sufficiently. They’re a nice compliment to your HVAC system that you can easily install.

They’re Inexpensive

HVAC systems often cost quite a bit. If you have a warehouse space or an office building, though, you’re legally required to install and maintain one. It’s there not just to keep your building warm or cool, but also to:

  • Help clean up if there’s a chemical spill
  • Regulate smoke if there’s a fire

In some office spaces, and particularly warehouses, the HVAC system does not heat or cool the occupants sufficiently. The most common cause is if there are high ceilings. Enclosed spaces are always easier to heat.

It might cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to install and maintain an HVAC system, especially in bigger buildings. However, electric warehouse heaters cost very little by comparison.

That’s why, if you want your employees to be comfortable, it’s a sensible idea to invest in a few of them.

Warehouse HVAC installation

They’re Safe, Provided You Use Them Correctly

Electric warehouse heaters are also safe in most situations, provided you use them as the manufacturer intended. That means not using them right next to or on top of any flammable material, like chemicals, paper, insulation material, etc.

If you have an electric heater in an enclosed space, such as an office cubicle, you need to make sure there is nothing next to it that can catch on fire. You should also never leave a heater on overnight if you’re leaving the office.

Check it before you use it for any frayed wires or other damage. You should do the same thing for any heating unit you use. These are basic fire safety elements.

Unplug a smoking heater immediately, and if you suspect the one you’re using has a defect, then either replace or repair it. It’s also sensible to keep a fire extinguisher on hand wherever you use an electric heater.

Some Are Better-Reviewed Than Others

Just like virtually any product you can get, some electric heaters are more dependable than others. If you have been doing business with the same manufacturer for years, and you know they make a quality product, there is no reason not to continue buying from them.

If you’re not sure which is the best company, then you can do some online research. Look on Amazon and other online marketplaces and see how many positive and negative reviews there are.

If one electric heater brand has a lot of negative feedback, then you’ll want to avoid that one. There’s no reason to purchase inferior products.

You Could Get a Nice Discount When You Buy in Bulk

Let’s say that you own a company, and you’ve found the electric warehouse heater you want on Amazon. They have a particular price per heater, but you want to get a couple of dozen. You may be able to get a cheaper price if you contact the manufacturer directly.

Go to their website and see if there is a bulk rate. Even if they don’t have one listed, there is no harm in reaching out to the company and asking them about it. This is just one cost-cutting measure that you can attempt as a business owner.

Now that you know a little more about electric warehouse heaters, you’re ready to shop around and select some for your business.