Starting A Virtual Office In Amsterdam

A virtual office is built to make transactions a lot more convenient with your consumers. All necessary phone calls and meetings are done there for the benefit of the administration in the long run.

Having a business address in Amsterdam is required for every company before it can be incorporated. It gives access to virtual office solutions. Such as forwarding of the incoming post by email. The office will be fully equipped with all the materials needed by the business, such as a desk, printing stuff, internet connection and last but not least: coffee.

Businesswoman working in a virtual office space
photo credit: RODNAE Productions / Pexels

First the company formation must be finalised to finally register your office at its legal address in Amsterdam. The main reason for the use of a virtual address is to enjoy full Dutch business benefits at a minimal cost. In meantime you can work remotely from any place in the world.

To a successful virtual office in Amsterdam, here are the few things company owners should know:

Reasons Why Companies Should Have A Virtual Office in Amsterdam

1. Very Flexible

Of all the reasons for having a virtual office in Amsterdam, being flexible in a wider aspect is a great gain. Offices are rented for periods of 1 to 10 years. While registered office addresses are offered with lease periods of 3 months.

Trust companies can further eliminate having payroll personnel which could add up costs to the company. You can outsource your director, accounting, tax compliance, legal and secretarial services to a trust company. It also bring the benefit of having skilled personnel with up-to-date local knowledge.

2. Can Easily Reach A Wider Market

Once your office has been set up in Amsterdam, you will be closer to potential clients all over the Netherlands and its surrounding countries. The Dutch and its neighbours have a high standard of living that can afford a wide range of products your businesses can provide.

A hub with a business address in the Netherlands can help make your business attractive in the market and create an innovative image that lasts long. Your products can easily be imported via the Rotterdam harbor, Schiphol airport or one of the multiple rail and motorway connections.

3. Promotes Economic and Political Stability

Surviving in today’s business world could be harder due to increasing competitors. However, using a virtual office can promote economic stability to your business especially during the Covid pandemy.

It can be a stepping stone to other markets. The open economy with its many tax and investments treaties allow to efficiently and safely do business with, or invest in, almost any market around the world. Profits can be streamed up at low dividend tax rates. In case of disputes you can fall back on investment treaties and a sound legal system.

Businesswoman working at a virtual office space

4. Supports Fixed Prices

As said earlier, having a virtual office minimizes the overall cost. Fixed prices can be agreed upon by the company and the office operator. Equipped meeting rooms can be rented for individual meetings with your clients or staff. How efficient is that?

Most virtual office providers in Amsterdam also offer shared office spaces and independent offices in case your business grows and has a need for its own premises.

5. A Dutch VAT and EORI number

The Brexit, the excellent VAT regime with deferral of VAT payment and logistical infrastructure make the Netherlands a good candidate country for importing your goods into the EU. A Dutch company will bring a VAT and EORI number to trade your goods.

If your business is having international trading activities, it is good to know that the Dutch are the most proficient English speakers in the world outside the Anglosphere. Also finding staff that can communicate in other languages shall not be a problem.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it all up, investing in a virtual office in Amsterdam is a great option for companies worldwide. It helps to boost the target market’s trust in the long run. Working with the best trust office can assist companies to have a virtual office to easily accommodate clients at any time. A lot of reasons are already mentioned to encourage business owners to have a virtual office address in the Netherlands.