How To Generate Income When Recovering From Surgery

Undergoing surgery can be scary, even if it’s only a minor one, making the healing process afterward a relieving–all be it boring–time. The recovery time for bunion surgery could see you back at work relatively quickly, while something more serious might last long enough to be considered drawn out.

Maybe you’ll be back to work in a week, or maybe it will be a month, and nobody would blame you for wanting to take it easy as you recover, but if you want to earn a little bit of extra dough while you await your desk at the office, here are some easy ways to do so from home.

Freelancing at home
photo credit: Sarah Chai / Pexels


Being a freelancer might not be an option for you, depending on your profession, but if you’re able to do so, it’s an excellent source of income. From the comfort of your home, you can make money as you would any other career, and many people commit to the role full time; bloggers, copywriters, voice-over artists, social media managers, consultants, and many other careers make up a portion of the freelancing world.

There are countless websites and businesses in search of potential talent that are happy to hire your services if you’ve got the skill.

Sell Unnecessary Items

You’ve been meaning to get rid of some junk anyway, right? Now is a perfect time.

Purging your home of excess items is an easy way to fill your pockets. Gather up anything you’re willing to part with or don’t need anymore sell them. You can have an old-fashioned garage sale or post them online where people will happily pay you to snatch the trinkets up. This method might not be a means to purchasing that lakehouse you’ve always wanted, but it’s not a bad way to earn additional income while you’re down for the count.

Investing in various markets


This might be a good time to educate yourself about potential investment opportunities. Obviously, this isn’t going to earn you any immediate income, but if you’ve got plenty of free time this will set you up for success further on down the road (you’ve got to spend money to make money).

If you’re unsure, hire a financial planner or advisor to educate yourself and ensure that you are investing your funds appropriately.

Final Thoughts

If you’re currently recovering from surgery or will be having one performed soon, consider utilizing the recovery period to earn some cash. Even doing a small amount of work a day will help you feel more productive and make the transition back to the office less jarring.