What Every Business Should do Every Three Years

As any business owner will confirm, running a company and managing a team of staff is time-consuming. But there are some tasks that are essential business maintenance and should be scheduled in to keep your company fresh and in its best shape for customers.

Here are a few suggestions of admin tasks that your company should consider doing every three years to stay on top of things, from updating their online presence to reviewing policies and processes.

Web designer designing UX/UI

Update Your Website

The three-year mark is a great point in your business to review your website and make sure that it reflects your brand in the right way. As your business grows, there’s a chance that the site you started out with may not be in keeping with what you want customers to see now.

Working with a professional web design company to update your site and bring it back up to date is money well-spent when it comes to keeping your site as effective as possible, both from a usability perspective and as a marketing tool.

Your website is your digital storefront, so it’s essential that it remains visually appealing and functional to draw customers in. A professional team will help you achieve the right results, working to user experience guidelines that customers will expect to see.

Carry Out a HR Audit

A HR audit can minimise the risk of legal complications, but it also provides a valuable opportunity to improve policies and practices within the business. A HR audit can take time, but the effort is rewarded in the form of staying up to date with the latest regulations, access to current data on employee turnover so it can be analysed and actions taken accordingly, and adapting the business to meet the demands of staff.

With an audit, you can restructure the business to meet the targets of the company and operate with greater efficiency.

Revise Your Business Plan

When you first started your company, you no doubt created a business plan outlining your goals and ambitions for the business. But after three years, there’s a good chance that the goals you had no longer fit your vision for the business, or the company has gone in a different direction than you might have envisaged at the start.

The three-year mark is a good point to review your business plan and revise as necessary to fit where you are now and where you want to be in the short and long-term.

Employee training session

Evaluate Training Requirements

Training programmes are essential for businesses of all industries, helping them to stay on top of evolving technological advancements and knowledge updates.

Every few years, it’s a good idea to review the skills and qualifications your team has so you can ensure they’re up to date and you’re working to the latest best practices. It may be the case that you have employees that are ready to progress and need additional skills to do so successfully, or you may be working to outdated knowledge and need your staff to have a refresher to gain current qualifications.

Assess Social Media Accounts

We all know that social media accounts have immense value for businesses, but few companies are reaching their full potential. Carrying out an assessment of all social media accounts can help businesses understand where they could be improving so they can make constructive changes for the better.

Social media assessments involve studying the most successful content so you can see the commonalities between each post, as well as looking at the individual elements of your social strategy, such as the quality of your written copy, post frequency, the mix of content and the branding consistency.

Final Thoughts

Staying on top of your business is an ongoing process but taking stock every few years and delving deeper into the details can be a good habit to get into to make sure you’re always staying abreast of best practices and keeping your business fresh and up to date.

From assessing the training needs of your staff to diving into your social channels so you can better perform in the future and carrying out a HR audit, these are checks that businesses should factor into their long-term schedules for a smoother running business and greater success.