Three Things to Consider When Writing Recognition and Appreciation for Employees

It’s no secret that everyone wants to receive some form of recognition from their employer when they do great work. In fact, employers that give little recognition risk high turnover and low morale in their companies. Failing to recognize employees properly can mean the difference between keeping your best talent or having to constantly fill various roles.

If you are searching for new ways to recognize your team (i.e., Googling how to create a custom award), you may find that there are several ways to show gratitude for a job well done. Importantly, when you do show appreciation, make sure you do so sincerely and in a way your employees will appreciate. Your expression of gratitude and recognition should leave employees feeling fulfilled rather than wanting more.

Thank you note and gift for employees

Three Things to Think About When Showing Gratitude in the Workplace

There’s nothing like a heartfelt thank you note or gift in recognition of a job well done. However, if your company is thanking employees for their hard work via email or Microsoft Teams alone, you may want to rethink your appreciation strategy.

Here are three things to think about the next time you want to tell one of your team members that they are doing great work:

1. Money isn’t everything

If you’ve been following the Great Resignation trend, then you know that a portion of America’s workforce has resigned from their pre-pandemic jobs to chase positions that come with more money or seniority. However, giving bonuses or raises isn’t the only way to reward great performance, especially if your company is smaller or is not in the position to absorb the costs right now. Instead of offering big financial incentives, consider giving a star employee a gift card to their favorite restaurant or an extra day off from work.

If you know the team member loves trophies or plaques, consider offering a physical award to say “thank you” for their work.

2. Ignore small mistakes

When your team takes on large projects, there are probably several moving parts. Plus, one person may wear multiple hats, which can be exhausting and time-consuming. Depending on the project, your team members may have spent months collaborating on something that was outside of their comfort zone.

One of the worst things you can do as a leader is invalidating your team’s work by nitpicking the small things that aren’t perfect. Instead of focusing on the imperfect aspects of a big project, the best way you can show gratitude is by praising the positive aspects of your team’s work if the project was a success overall.

3. Sincere thank-you notes go a long way

If you’ve ever received a heartfelt thank you note after giving a gift, then you know how much they can mean to someone else. If someone on your team is going above and beyond in their role, a personalized thank you note speaks volumes about your appreciation if money or physical gifts aren’t an option.

When you write your thank you note, use nice stationary or envelopes, make sure it is handwritten, and mention specifically what that person did that inspired the note.

Thank you, guys!

When it comes to showing appreciation, it can be tricky to know what will feel rewarding for different team members. The key to a meaningful gesture is sincerity. Once you figure out what will mean the most to specific team members, your act of gratitude will go a long way.