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Is Promotional Items Effective in Bringing more Customers to Your Business?

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If you still think that giving promotional items is just a waste of money, think again.

For the skeptics – consider reading this promo items article that can give you an idea on how effective is promotional item giveaways. Here are some key points to note from the article:

1. Your brand name ‘sticks’ to customers’ mind

From the survey conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) in late 2009, 94 percent could recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years and 89 percent still remember who the advertiser is in the promotional product.

2. People do keep the promotional items they received

83 percent of the survey respondents said that they enjoy receiving promo items, 48 percent would like to receive more giveaways and 69 percent keep the promo items. This is grand news, as kept promo items mean your brand name or ad will be exposed well. What if your promotional item lands on a big company CEO’s desk who talks with many people in his/her office everyday? Chances are, your brand name will get a nice attention, especially if your promotional item is out of the ordinary.

3. Promo items convert more customer than any other media

Also from the same survey, 20.9 percent consumers made a purchase (converted) after receiving a giveaway – compare this to print ad’s 13.4 percent, TV commercial’s 7.1 percent and online ad’s 4.6 percent.

The stats above are indeed self-explanatory.

Should I use promotional items to attract more business?

I enjoy going to the trade shows and expos. One of the reasons I enjoy trade shows so much is because of the giveaways! Businesses are getting more creative these days – promotional items are no longer that ol’ company-logo-on-a-pen. Today, promo items can be in the form of USBs, business card magnets, and many more. I even made my purchasing decision because a particular promo item reminds me of a company offering something I was looking for.

So, yes – provided you are participating in trade shows and expos on regular basis and are eager to use promotional items that are unique, you obviously have to use promotional items as the conversion is staggering. Of course, you could try to use the commonly used logo-on-a-pen, but I don’t think you will have a good return on your investment. It’s better for you to spend more on unique promo items that can convert you many times over.

Where to find promotional items distributor?

Now, the big question is this: where to find the right promotional items distributor? The best place you can find the right distributor is by using the Internet.

There are plenty of ecommerce store offering promotional items, such as, but your main homework is to discover whether the promo items company is both legit and dependable. I suggest you to find out about the team behind the company for a start. Next, you should seek testimonials from the Internet and your friends and family.

Good luck in finding the right promotional items for your business!

Ivan Widjaya
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  • Interesting stuff. Promotional items have been around a long time and they still work sometimes