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FinTech Rules: Stellar Growth Boosts the Industry Into the Future (Infographic)

Financial Technology, is growing substantially worldwide. With investments into FinTech developing each year, FinTech is becoming more and more prominent.  It reminds me the early days of cloud computing, where… Read more »

What are The Costs of Running a Franchise? (Infographic)

The number of businesses owned by franchisees has increased by 14% in the last two years to 44,200, and these businesses are becoming larger as the franchise sector matures. With… Read more »

Combat Mediocrity: Become Business Agile! (Infographic)

Remember the Charlie’s Angels? The three crime fighters in high heels are working together in solving mysteries and making crimes pay. Every ‘angel’ has her own special ‘powers’ that, when… Read more »

Online Entrepreneurship Trend: Buy an Established Online Business (Infographic)

If you consider yourself as a risk-averse online entrepreneur, there is one way to progress in your entrepreneurial journey without dealing with too many risks: Buying an existing online business.… Read more »

How to Boost Office Productivity: 10 Ways (Infographic)

It can be hard to stay motivated and enthusiastic when you get into a routine, no matter how much you enjoy your job. With so many issues to address and… Read more »

The Undeniable Benefits of Starting a Company Blog Today (Infographic)

Imagine a world without writing. How does it look? There would be no globalization since there are no advances in technology. There would be no technology since there are no… Read more »

Logo Design: What Does Your Logo Really Need? (Infographic)

Let’s face it, trying to make a company logo can be a challenge. You’ve got dozens of design options, and you may not know which ones will attract your target… Read more »

How to Get Your Business Card Noticed (Infographic)

The debate about whether business cards are necessary is pretty much over (print design: 1, digital age: 0). Yet while everyone knows business cards are important, hardly anyone knows how… Read more »

Trend: Millennials Want Personalized Service (Infographic)

Millennials rule. In the workplace. In the marketplace. In the business world. Anywhere. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. Of course, it’s easy for me to say –… Read more »

The Importance of Auditing, Explained (Infographic)

An audit is a management system done to check and evaluate the internal processes and financials of an organization especially in businesses. A business can either hire their own auditors,… Read more »