How to Choose a Good Business Directory

The ever-growing potential of the Internet, even though bringing competitors right to your door step, does do us good.

Consider the Internet as a business marketplace, a business tool and a business resource.

Business marketplace – the growth of eCommerce and Internet business as a whole is creating the Internet as one of the largest marketplaces in the world. With billions of dollars market capitalisation, the Internet is, no question, lucrative.

Business tool – The Internet is an exceptional place for your business marketing and promotional campaigns. Moreover, with plenty of productivity tools available online, the Internet provides all the tool you require to run and market your business.

Business resource – In my opinion, the Internet is the best resource of all – you can seek leads, prospects, and potential clients on business directories. You can also look for information about your competitors – and what their customers think of them!

Good business resource: business directory

Business web directories – the good ones – offer you business leads and potential clients. You can also list your business in business directories to expose your business well.

However, with tens of thousands directories exist on the Internet, choosing a business directory that fits your need is paramount.

How to choose a good business directory

Most business directories offer you a similar service. However, do choose ones that has some the following characteristics:

  • Human-edited
    Either free or paid for listing, choose a business directory that is human-edited with a strict quality control. This way, the member websites are screened for quality.
  • Offer business guides, advices and other resources
    Choose a business directory that is not only offering listing service, but also offering guides, advices, news, tips and other valuable business resources.
  • Offer clean and family-friendly listing
    Avoid a business directory that has illegal or questionables listings. If you submit your business website in such directory, your business might get a bad reputation being listed in a bad neighbourhood.
  • Consider business directory with paid listing
    Although no guarantee, a paid business directory listing naturally screen out low-quality listing. Moreover, paid business directories are offering paid listing for a reason – better quality.

If you have anything to add to the tips, please do so by commenting on this post :)

Ivan Widjaya
Business web directory