Strands Recommendation and Personalization Engine

Strands Recommender
Strands Recommender
I’ve written a couple of times on about increasing the conversion of your business websites and blogs’ traffic.

I would like to stress the importance of conversion, again: Traffic is king, but conversion is the king of king. Of course, you’ve also heard this before: content is king. But still, conversion is the king of king. Here’s why.

Conversion is about how well everything you do results in a mission completion.

No matter what your mission is – Sell more products, increase subscriber counts, educate more people, or other goals you set to achieve – how well you convert visitors, passer-bys and window shoppers into members, buyers or clients is what make or break your business, especially if you run an online-only business.

With that being said – How to convert better?

Cross-selling and recommendation

One thing in common that major e-commerce sites, such as eBay and Amazon, and in content-based sites, such as YouTube, do to increase conversion is through product recommendation.

In e-commerce sites, you often get crossed-sell and recommended products for a product you are interested in. “You may also like…” section is commonly used for this purpose.

In content-based sites, you can see something similar to “People who read this article also read…” section, in which you are “crossed-sell” and recommended with related contents that you might also like to read.

Achieving the above is trivial without the help of software that can answer these questions: How do I know what interest my customers? How to recommend products that might result in more sales from the same customer? How do I understand what my customers are thinking while browsing my site?

You definitely need software that can intelligently do all that in your business websites.

Strands Recommendation and Personalization Engine

Strands is a pioneer in stand-alone recommender systems with over 6 years of extensive research and development of recommendation and personalization engine that enhance your product pages to present beyond the product description: The engine automatically and intelligently recommend personalized list of products that might interest visitors by learning their shopping patterns: Which product pages they visit? Which book review page they read? Are they interested in a particular niche?

Strands Recommender highlights two area that they are able to help you increase conversion: Online retail and social media.

In online retailing, they claim that Strands Recommender can increase conversion, AOV (any other variety), and sales by 10 to 35%.

Strands Recommender in Online Retail
Strands Recommender in Online Retail

In social media, they claim that the engine can boost CTR (click-through ratio) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) returns by 25-55%.

Strands Recommender in Social Media

I recommend you to learn more about Strands Recommender due to the fact that they can help you to increase your conversion, even with the same amount of traffic you have today.

Ivan Widjaya
Conversion is king
Images courtesy of Strands Recommender.