3 Tools And Technology Solutions That Improve Business Productivity

Without a steady rate of productivity, firms flop. After all, it’s been said that businesses themselves don’t fail, but the people behind them do at the end of the day. Therefore, many improvements a company can make should start with the people and enhancing their productivity.

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Motivation levels need to be high, employee turnover needs to be low, and performance goals need to be met at every turn. But how can businesses always maintain such a strong efficiency streak? Well, perhaps investing in technology can provide a few answers…

Consequently, here are 3 strategies to improve business productivity.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage solution

Many businesses get stuck in their ways. They prefer the old ways of doing things, including pushing paper around filing cabinets and rummaging around for ring binders. Getting attached to the old days is understandable, but if entrepreneurs want their businesses to really flourish, they should certainly recognise that there’s no time to be sentimental.

For example, the Cloud is something that businesses can’t afford to ignore anymore. It’s software that allows firms to store all their information in one secure online area; from employee and customer information to meeting notes.

There’s a permanent record of everything that can only be accessed with the correct security clearance, and files can be found with quick clicks and swipes of a screen. Nothing gets lost or stolen (unless the business has poor cybersecurity), and processes go much quicker, thereby boosting performance and productivity too!

Pressure washers

Many businesses out there take cleaning incredibly seriously, and rightly so. For example, builders, gardeners, mechanics and more all have cleanliness and safety at the core of everything they do. It’s an important consideration that plays on their minds during a day’s work, but unfortunately, cleaning an area during or after work has commenced can be a very time-consuming process.

What if there was a way to make it all happen quicker so that workers can be more productive in other areas? Well, pressure washers from SGS make that perfectly possible, offering quick and powerful cleans with every use. It’s thorough, washing away any manner of dirt and debris. It’ll help keep a workplace spotless, removing dirt and grime from repaired vehicles or freshly built structures in an instant while providing those perfect finishing touches.


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Every employee is guilty of wasting a bit of time here and there, but if it’s left unchecked, things get worse. Over time those wasted twenty-minutes or thirty-minutes a day start accumulating into hours and even days. Ultimately, it’s in a business’s best interests to stop all the gossiping before it gets out of hand and becomes ingrained in the culture.

Software like Slack can help here. It’s essentially a workplace chatting programme, whereby workers can exchange messages with one another. Conversations can be monitored, restrictions can be put in play, and this will at least stop workers abandoning their stations to chat at watercoolers, ask colleagues questions on other office floors, or set up redundant meetings that could be resolved with half a dozen online messages. In the long term, it’s a time saver that will boost productivity!

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Technology solutions are a great way of enforcing productivity in the workplace. It enables processes to be carried out in a faster and more convenient way, thereby enhancing efficiency rates across the board. It also ensures that all tasks are carried out in a slightly more refined fashion too, and that no one gets frequently distracted on the job or succumbs to understandable human flaws and errors.