Small Business Owners: Give Your Credit Card Machines A Little More Respect

Credit card payment
Credit card payment

Credit card machines are probably the most underrated business equipment you have. Believe it or not, I once considered my credit card machines less important than the copiers in my business premise(!)

One of the reason why they are underrated is due to the fact that credit cards are already accepted as part of our life and business. What people forget, is that partnering with the right credit card machines provider will ensure your payment processing reliability that eventually will affect your bottom line.

You might said to me, “C’mon mate, we should discuss about how providing more payment options can make a difference in our small business, not about paying tribute to our credit card machines!”

More payment options for your business is important, but having the system ready is more important

Of course, I totally agree that offering more payment options, such as accepting credit cards, can provide convenience to your small business customers or clients. Here are some other benefits of accepting credit cards for your business:

  • You can reduce overheads by reducing the amount of cash circulated in your business.
  • Your business can attract non-cash carrying customers and clients to purchase products and/or services from you.
  • From my personal observation, offering credit cards as payment method tends to attract buyers with larger transaction amount.

However, accepting credit cards without proper system and equipment will backfire, eventually. Instead of building an image of your business being “convenient” in checking out, you create an appalling image of your business being not ready to move forward. Ouch.

How to choose the right credit card machines

The first and foremost thing to do is partner with the right credit card machines provider. A reputable company, such as the Merchant Warehouse – The Credit Card Processing ISO of the year 2009, can help you choose the right credit card machines, software and other related equipments and accessories.

Secondly, decide what you need in a credit card machine: Do you also require a check reader capability on your machine? Do you require a wireless credit card terminal? Don’t forget to also consider the manufacturer of the machine.

Third, invest in credit card machines that answer your business need and fit in your budget. Remember, not all cutting-edge equipments with a vast array of peripherals and accessories are the ones you should after. That being said, chooses the machines that are the best value for money.

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Ivan Widjaya

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