3 Non-Descript Venues Where You Should Try the Pop-up Retail Model

local fair at night
Pop-up retail model at local fair
The pop-up retail model is a great way to test market your product/service, create customer interest, pique curiosity and portray exclusivity while cutting the regular costs associated with setting up a venture. Choosing a suitable venue for pop-up retail is a critical decision.

Instead going in for a high-end retail venue like table space in a mall or a stall in an premium trade fair or exhibition, choosing a non-descript venue is a good idea. Simply because the atmosphere is low key, chilled out and people are ready to have fun while they shop. Here are 3 venues I’ve zeroed in on where you can make your mark without burning a hole in your pocket…

Flea Markets

Every city or town has its own share of flea markets where small vendors and business owners converge to market their wares. Making your debut at just any flea market is not the best thing to do. Choose the venue you would like to make your debut at with care.

For instance Pune has flea markets at High Spirits and Ishanya Mall which are platforms for local entrepreneurs looking to test the waters with their offerings. Some people even come to these flea markets because they offer flexibility that a regular store does not give them. Above all they are assured of a discerning crowd of buyers in a colorful atmosphere.

Local Cafe’s

Wake up and smell the coffee…that’s what I would say to debutante business owners. Your local cafe would be one of the best places to showcase your offerings. Accessible, teeming with a mix of different types of people and a warm atmosphere where food and fun blend very well, local cafe’s are becoming a hotspot for small business promotion.

Artists, rock bands and garment designers are all queuing up to break in to the market with their products and services through displays and/or performances at local cafe’s. Cafe’s are in fact a popular choice for artists and designers to have an exhibition and fashion designers are known to have fashion shows at these venues.

Demonstrations and event based promotions are also possible with more and more cafe owners eager to marry coffee with a selling experience.

Local Fairs

Most cities and towns have their own local fairs where people come together to enjoy food and music with some shopping thrown in. Festivity and color add to the allure of selling your products and services at a local fair.

Some tricks you can use to promote your very own pop-up at a local fair are:

  • Impromptu games that draw customers to your stall/table
  • Small scale contests
  • Challenges/dares that are not dangerous
  • A prize for every tenth customer
  • A sandwich man
  • A juggler

These tricks are in keeping with the bonhomie at the fair and only double the footfalls at your stall to say the least. Even if everyone doesn’t buy, your products get exposure among the local populace.

Image credit: Photography by BJWOK / FreeDigitalPhotos.net