Why Bother With Marketing? 4 Reasons Why Selling Is Superfluous

say no to selling
No selling!
How do I sell my product? Will I find buyers for my product? Which advertising mix will work best for me?

If you are constantly plagued by such questions then here are some reasons why you should quit worrying and make “selling” superfluous…

Have a Great Product on Hand

Before you start your own business or give up on one that doesn’t seem to have the budget for a large scale promotional campaign, take time to look at successful business ventures around you. If you decipher their success code you will find that…all of them sell great products and that is precisely why “selling” becomes superfluous for them.

Find Your Niche

Think about it…even your own city or town has its own set of small businesses. They might be tiny eateries that sell the best hot dogs, serve the best coffee and muffins or the best deep pan pizza or even a niche store that supplies all your crafting needs…they come in all shapes and sizes.

It’s really about finding your niche…that gap in the market and servicing it with a really strong product. Support that with warmth, prompt service with a smile and you are well on your way to carving your niche.

Advertising Is Not a Must

Consider all small business brands, local cafes, bakeries and eateries and explore their advertising and promotional plans. Do they invest heavily in advertising; do they have a great window display or discount scheme and loyalty programs?

In most cases the answers to these questions would be an emphatic “no”. All these ventures enjoy a good market share simply because they have a good product. People believe that these products give them value for money and they don’t really look for a fancy advertisements, freebies and discounts to induce them on to make a purchase.

Simplicity Sells

It is the product, not the price or the advertisement is the call to action for the buyer. You don’t have to come up with a complex business model. That is precisely why people have created business empires based on single food products like pizzas, donuts and coffee.

I know people who rustle up the best omelets, churn out a mean milkshake and toss up a great salad and have people queuing up for them outside the most non-descript venues simply because they score high on taste and are served in style in a cheerful, homely atmosphere.

So you see…if you don’t have a huge advertising budget or a celebrity to endorse your product…you can still stand tall with simplicity, sincerity and great service.

Image: StillSearc