How to Design a Logo for in 3 Minutes Flat (Plus 5 Tips on Effective Logo Design)

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In entrepreneurship, it’s important to maintain your costs low, especially on startup phase. When designing a logo for your company, you are tempted to design a logo by themselves. This could work if you are a designer or have an eye for design yourself. If you are not a designer, you certainly need a software – a logo maker – to help you out (there are some bonus logo design tips below – read on…)

My background is web programming, but I have interest in design, especially graphic and web design. I am an online entrepreneur, and I have built hundreds of sites with my bare hands; call me a cheapskate or a bootstrapper, but I love what I’m doing. That being said, my bootstrapping endeavours have allowed me to save thousands of dollar in web development. How so?

Well – here’s one reason: It’s hard for me to master designing tools; call me lazy, but I really want to design well without all the nitty-gritty, such as mastering the software I am using. So, I’m always on the lookout for tools to help me done things easily, faster and in top quality.

In designing logos for my websites (and previously for my offline business) I always design each myself. I use Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw, but I’m slow in getting things done with those. I need a tool that do one thing or two at its best – the ultimate logo maker, if you will.

A logo design tool that rocks

I have just found my new favourite tool for designing a logo – I have just tried it and I highly recommend for those of you who has an eye for great logo design but doesn’t have the time to master the design tools: Sothink Logo Maker by SourceTec Software.

Sothink Logo Maker claims that you can create a good logo even if you can’t draw a straight line (read: sub-standard design/drawing ability) – in 3 minutes flat. Well, I’m intrigued to what the logo maker has got to offer, so I decided to test the software to see whether the claim is justifiable; I think Sothink has lived up to my expectations.

With more than 680 color schemes, 10 effects, and over 3,800 logo graphics for you to choose from, the possibilities to create a stunning logo for your business, product or services are limitless. Here’s the exact steps to take in creating a stunning logo design:

The logo maker’s best feature for me is the colour scheme tool. Just click on a colour and you will be recommended the matching colour scheme – I don’t have to mingle with different colours to find the best match for the primary colour – nice!

The effects are also fantastic, making things easier to give glassy effect or whatever to my logo.

And yes, the demo video showing you the exact things to do in making a quality logo from start to finish – all in 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

I suggest you to test drive and download the free trial – you have nothing to lose, and there’s no hidden fee; so what you see is what you get, indeed.

Bonus: 5 practical tips on logo design

I have recommended you a tool. But tools are supposed to help you out. You need to follow some logo design guidelines. Here are my very own tips on designing logo for your business:

1. Your logo should be memorable

Create an iconic image that is memorable (remember the Nike logo? That’s iconic and highly memorable.)

2. Use symbolic image

Your logo should portray what you are doing. A logo utilizing a toolbox can give your audience an understanding that your business is related to fixing something (like Handy Manny!)

3. Your logo should use symbolic color scheme

If you run a consulting business, you might want a black-and-white logo color scheme or incorporating dark blue into it as those colours shout “trusted” to your potential clients. You may like yellow, but that doesn’t mean that you have to make your logo yellow, too – pick a color scheme with a purpose.

4. Your logo should be brandable

You can use all-text logo, but you can choose the right font face and effects to make yours stand out (read: Brandable.)

5. Consider adding your tag line into your logo

I don’t really like looking at a logo image that shows me nothing but a cool image. I need to know what the business is all about. I think a tag line describing your business in a few words is very effective in getting your message across to potential clients.

So – there you go; good luck in designing a logo using the logo maker software with reference to my logo design tips.

Ivan Widjaya
Logo design made easy – real easy…