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How to launch your project via crowdfunding?
Have you heard about crowdfunding? Just in case you haven’t – crowdfunding is pooling money from a group of people for the purpose of funding and supporting a particular project. Typically in for-profit crowdfunding project, in return, backers (someone who support a crowdfunding project) will be accepting “rewards” according to their financial contribution on the project.

I have written some crowdfunding articles in the past on Noobpreneur.com. However, although I am having keen interest on everything crowdfunding, I really have no idea how things really work, not as a backer, but as a project owner. I am somehow interested in launching a project of my own but I am not sure how to do things right early on.

Fortunately – and a coincidence, indeed – I have been sent a copy of a fascinating eBook, Crowdfunding Tips: Knock Your Project Out of the Park written by Brandon Youngdale for Daily Crowdsource (thanks to Daily Crowdsource’s Briana Viafora for the copy!)

…and it’s due to negligence, I have just read it today. It’s my bad, and it’s my loss, actually… how so? It’s really because the eBook is packed with great crowdfunding tips that I have actually look for in the past few weeks.

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A guide for crowdfunding your idea
Crowdfunding Tips: Knock Your Project Out of the Park is mainly about how to increase your success rate in getting your project funded.

But first thing first – why getting your project “funded” important? Well, getting “funded” means that your capital requirement to bring your project into production has been met. Getting funded also means that your project has its own appeal to a group of backers.

The eBook starts off with some tips to choose a project idea that will most probably get funded, then followed by a wealth of tips – choosing the right crowdfunding platform for your project (my favourite has always been Kickstarter,) creating a marketing plan that works, project promotion, and so on – including how to nurture relationship with your backers.

The 18-page long eBook is packed with great tips and advice, and you can actually finish reading it fairly quickly, as it’s written in plain English – so, no hassle in making sense of a particular point presentend in the eBook. Moreover, the good thing about this eBook is you can always refer back to it when you are actually going to launch your crowdfunding project; indeed, it’s a real guide for real crowdfunding project owners.

I recommend you to head over to the official page of Crowdfunding Tips: Knock Your Project Out of the Park to learn more about the eBook.

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On fantastic crowdfunding tips