Why You Should Not Be Afraid to Use Humor in Branding – 3 Reasons Small Business Owners Can Use

brand humor
“Seduction” – a brand by MicroCotton with cheeky label

Are you a small business owner looking to brand your venture, product or service? You could be a business owner looking to rebrand your venture or product line too. Here is an idea to help you build a different brand using humor. Tickle your customer’s funny bone to really differentiate yourself from the rest. Here are 3 reasons why small business owners needn’t shy away from using humor in branding…

Happiness Sells

Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. This holds true in life and in business. If you want to really connect with people add a dash of humor to your brand name. The Fat Boy Bike series from Harley Davidson is an example of a highly successful product line that struck a chord with buyers simply because it was a funny name.

Comedy shows and funny movies always succeed at bringing a smile to the faces of millions across the globe. Humor has no race, nationality or religion which is why humor might just help you build a local as well as a global brand depending on what your goals are.

Stand Out in the Crowd

In a market which is crowded with brands jostling for space on store shelves and the customer’s mind, humor might just be the thing you need to stand out in the crowd. While everyone else goes for exclusivity, works hard to coin names and brainstorms to come up with a name you can make things easier for yourself by choosing to be funny while you come up with a brand name.

Witty Shit, a company that helps businesses find slogans and one liners through the power of crowd sourcing is an example of a company that has taken humor in branding to another level altogether. Who can forget a name like that?

Create High Recall Value

The idea behind branding is helping people to recall your brand or venture. Funny instances are always memorable and you never fail to look back at them with fondness. Apply this principle to branding and create high recall value for your brand.

Haathichaap, an Indian venture which sells paper made from elephant poop proudly brandishes the main ingredient of its paper products in its sales message. Who would have thought poop would be instrumental in building a sweet and eco friendly brand?

Branding can be as simple or as difficult as you want to make it. My ebook on branding at the Amazon store is a little guide to help anyone who wishes to build a great band decipher the how and why of branding with ease. Grab a copy today!

Image: fuzzcat / Flickr