How to Offer Customization of Your Products: An e-commerce case study

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Do you shop online? If so, you must have been realizing that not all e-commerce sites are offering the same ‘window shopping’ and ordering experience. Some e-commerce sites are simply better than the rest in handling customization request (choosing the right size, for example,) while some other just offer typical function, like the product images, price tags, and simply put that “Buy Now” button for the customer to click to make a purchase.

In my opinion, customization is the key in ‘luring’ customers into purchasing from your e-commerce site. Why? It’s simple: Customization – can be in the form of “chose between a and b” – removes the unknowns. And in retailing, that means you are one step closer to close the sale.

Case study: Global Eyeglasses

To get better ideas about how customization works, let’s have a look at Global Eyeglasses as a case study.

Global Eyeglasses ( is an online prescription glasses retailer focusing on value for money products. You can choose from a range of products – rimless glasses, progressive and bifocal glasses, Rx sunglasses, and many more.

I’ve take some notes on how Global Eyeglasses stands out and how you can learn from the online retail store on how to offer customization properly and win customers’ trust. Here they are:

Grasp the e-commerce basics well

To be successful, you need to understand why people would buy online. In general, people would buy online for convenience (order online and delivered right to your front door) and price considerations (online products must be cheaper from their off line counterparts!) Global Eyeglasses takes thing one step further: The glasses e-commerce shop compares its prices with Walmart, Costco and Lenscrafters and publishes them online for the customers to see.

You also need to understand how to dispel your customers’ doubts. offer 30-day money back guarantee, secure the website well. You can always contact the company via phone and email address. You can also ‘track’ them on Facebook and Twitter. With those displayed prominently on-site, customers are ensured that they know what to do when they need to contact the company for one reason or another.

Take customers by hand

This is where customization plays its role. When people shop online for products coming in many variations, like clothing and glasses, you need to enhance your customers’ shopping experience by allowing them to choose what’s best fit with them.

They key here is in giving the product details as much as you can, as well as helping your customers to choose the right one. Global Eyeglasses lets you choose the glasses frame you want, get the info on sizes, and… virtually try on the glasses. You can upload your picture to see what the glasses will look like on you.

When you are ready to order, you can also select lenses, compare prices and check out. A simple and straightforward process, really.

Still in doubts? You can always visit the help section for tips and resources (such as Frame size finder) or contact the company for answers to your questions.


Setting up an e-commerce site is not only about good layout and fancy design; it’s also about how to make the whole shopping experience an enjoyable one. When you are successful in casting away your customers’ doubts, you should expect success coming your way!

Ivan Widjaya
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