Capturing People’s Attention in Unexpected Places

How many golfers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Fore! Good one, eh?

But have you ever thought that the actual golf course could be a great spot for advertising?

Never before has it been easier to get creative in picking the methods and spaces in which to advertise. Read on for some unique ways to seize the biggest bang for your advertising buck.

coffee cup advertising
Image by Between a Rock
Everyone can relate: the lines, the waits, the pauses before the show is going to begin. From the doctor’s office to the beloved line at the DMV, people wait. This is an optimal time to grab attention and to drive it to the website, store, or service of choice.

Vidicom is one business that provides these marketing services for unique and unusual marketing methods – and in the most unexpected places, ranging from video displays in taxi cabs to coffee sleeves at your local java joint.

How do they DO that? Think basketball court or soccer field. For the home viewer, the ad image magically appears on the court or field, but all watching know that the venue is not really painted with that logo. This superimposing of images is getting more and more popular, and this method alone really captures the curiosity factor. It’s unique, and it is often totally unexpected.

taxi advertising
Image by Marcel_Ekkel

Any business traveler knows this gig–shuttling to airport hotel or car rental shop. Once again, it’s important to stay alert to the stops, so this probably is not the best time to engage in catching up on all the texts and emails from the smart phone. The shuttle bus is a great place to catch up on the news, and it’s also a highly captive audience.

gas pump advertising
Image by woodleywonderworks

Pump it up! They stand. They stare, and hey, let’s face it. The task of pumping gas doesn’t require a whole lotta brain power. Given the steps involved, no one can really click through their smart phones as they stand there waiting to fill their tanks either. Streaming an audio advertisement or video on the actual gas pump would be a perfect distraction!

roof advertising
Image by rooneg

Scream it from the roof top!

Nuf said!

YOUR AD HERE: Baggage claim is where they wait. And they wait. And they wait! Traveling folks always beat the luggage to the baggage claim area, right? This is the time to give them something to think about!

These are the golden opportunities of having a captive audience who need something to look at. This is the opportune moment to get the attention-grabbing advertisement in front of sets of eyes that are grasping for something to observe. How about a crawl at the bottom of this conveyor belt?

car ad
Image by John Whitton

Wrap it up! Drivers and coffee cups and students, oh my!That old sandwich board? C’mon. You can do better than that! Commuters are a cool crew to tap into. Those who drive every day, especially long distances, are the crème de la crème of moving ads. Wrap their cars and watch the word spread!

One smarty pants actually financed his college education by walking around in his investor’s company apparel every single solitary day of his college life – in exchange for college tuition!

Now that’s using his noggin’!

About the Author: Valerie Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about marketing, human behavior, and travel.