Want More Exposure to Your Business Blog Posts? Try Scribol

I have mentioned that Noobpreneur.com is combating Google Panda and Penguin updates, which have “successfully” strip 80% of search engine traffic. I have then decided that 2013 is the year of no off-site SEO for Noobpreneur.com. Why? Because SEO is a continuous campaign and it requires resources that not many of us have access to. Well, at least I don’t have the resources for it.

I wrote an article on my business-slash-personal blog, AsepOnde.com, that 2013 is the year of inbound marketing. It’s not cheap talk: I mentioned that I will focus on getting found, rather than ranking high for my websites, and that includes Noobpreneur.com.

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Scribol screenshot

Of some things I have tried – by my own initiatives or via direct contact from the service providers – I must say that I am impressed with one service: Scribol.

This blog post will shed some light, so that you can have access to the “secret” I have just discovered ;)

What is Scribol?

Scribol is actually a content discovery site of everything interesting on the web. It publishes feeds from selected partner, and for this reason, visiting Scribol is worthwhile because of the quality.

It becomes a tool when you submit your website and got approved: You will then need to install a widget on your web pages containing a list of recommended blog posts from the partner sites.

It might looks like a traffic exchange site, but it’s not. Traffic exchange sites work by letting you earn points by visiting other sites and use the points to get clicks for our website.

Content discovery sites work by letting your content shown on widgets installed on other sites: If your article or blog post is top-notch, you can expect getting visitors from other sites. Of course, you also send traffic to the content presented by the widget you install on your site.

Why Scribol?

Unlike what the skeptics say, it’s a win-win proposition for all, in my opinion: People visit my blog posts recommended on Scribol because they want to – no catch.

I even use Scribol to discover interesting articles to blog about or for brainstorming my next blog post – again, no catch; I didn’t get any merit by doing so, and I don’t get more visits to my blog because I visit others’ web pages.

Why not 2leep?

I am sure you have visited 2leep.com. Well, if you haven’t, 2leep.com is a popular content discovery site, mainly well-known for its entertainment content.

2leep.com and Scribol.com share similar features, with one major difference: 2leep.com gears toward entertainment content (weird stuffs, fail pictures, girls’ pics, etc.) – clearly not for Noobpreneur.com; Scribol.com, in the other hand, gears toward more “safe” content (news, finance, small business, gadgets, etc.) In other words, Scribol.com is more family and business-friendly than 2leep.com. Just visit both sites and you’ll know what I mean…

How Scribol can help my site?

I have been on Scribol for less than a week, and all I can see is promising stuffs. Other than search engine traffic, Noobpreneur.com’s number two source of traffic is StumbleUpon (yes, it’s still rolling!) With Scribol, that’s going to change.

To date, Noobpreneur.com is getting more than twice incoming traffic vs. sent traffic. That means, for every 10 content clicks we send, we get more than 20 clicks back. This is indeed a promising traffic generation method.


Scribol team claims that they have declined 90% of application – meaning, they are pretty serious about quality assurance.

So, if you have a quality business blog, I recommend you to give it a shot and suggest yours to Scribol. It’s free and no contract, anyway…

Regarding results, I need to see for the next 30 days to be sure… but so far, so good.

What do you think of Scribol? Please leave your comment below…

Ivan Widjaya
Content discovery sites rock!