4 Major Considerations in Choosing a Virtual Office

Turnkey solutions that allow you to cut down on costs without compromising the image and the products of a company are increasing. These days, companies no longer need to choose between a remote office location and a cramped office in one of the prime business addresses since there are better alternatives such as leasing a virtual office. These shared offices are really convenient as you will have access to telephone and mail handling services and the place comes fully equipped.

Sharing the office space with other people in the same or in a related profession will allow you to have a business environment that you can easily adapt to. Plus, you get the chance to socialize with other professionals and build your networks. Of course, the price consideration would be highly beneficial to your business but there are several things to consider when you are looking for a shared space to set up your office.

Co-working space
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Lease Contract

When you are planning to lease any kind of space for your office and business needs, it is important to pay attention to the stipulations in the contract. Usually, the terms for shared spaces are flexible and the length can be around 3 months with clauses for renewal. However, it is also important to keep in mind that options among shared offices can vary. The price should also be stated clearly in the contract. To be sure that you’ve got everything covered, it would be ideal to confer with your lawyer to understand the stipulations in the contract.


One of the key considerations irrespective of the industry that you are in is the location. The ideal location would differ depending on the nature of your business. A downtown location along the central business district may be a necessity for some businesses but there are also other establishments which will do better in locations which are less expensive. You should assess how strategic your office is not just for attracting customers but also for hiring employees and the proximity of suppliers. Another consideration is whether it is convenient to go to and fro your office and if parking is affordable.

Office Amenities

The amenities that a shared space can offer will vary from basic office amenities to premium services. The kind of amenities that are offered will generally depend on the cost of rental and the location of the business. These amenities can include mailing services, board and conference rooms, customized telephone answering services, publishing and delivery services as well as fully equipped offices and necessary business equipment including telephone, copiers and fax machines. Internet connection is usually part of the package. Needless to say, it is vital to examine if the shared space has everything you’ll need to conduct your affairs with ease.


One of the best or worst things about having a shared space is the tenants who are sharing it with you. Just like real housemates, you have to deal with them accordingly and, at least, get along just fine. When you are hunting for shared space rentals, it would be best to look for an area where tenants are companies with a similar size to your business or those whose business is complementary to yours. Having other companies which are in a similar industry can help you in growing your business since you can build ties and camaraderie and you might just hit a pot of gold by socializing with these people.

Undeniably, having a shared space is one way to ease your cost problems. These days, maintaining a business is not an easy feat but you can find viable alternatives to traditional office rentals. Be sure to shop around and do not jump into any drastic decisions without considering whether the place will be good for your business.

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