The Ford Transit and American Small Businesses

Anyone who owns a small business knows that things have changed for the small businessperson in America. It used to be that businesses were like isolated islands, independent and distinct. But today, the internet has pulled everyone into the same ocean, and we’re all learning how to swim. Businesses aren’t local in the way they once were. They’ve got reach that can extend any number of miles, and it becomes necessary to pack things up and travel sometimes. This has always been the case, just now more than ever.

Some businesses involved in road travel and outdoor activities are also reliant on the methods of the logistics: How to move customers and their belongings/equipments in the most effective and efficient ways – while putting emphasis on customer experience (read: comfortable journey, to and from the destination.)

The old way was to buy up an old, bulky cargo van and cram it full of stuff, then just get on the road. But these old vans don’t fit with modern business practices, design expectations, not to mention environmental regulations. The Ford Transit changes all of this, providing a cargo and transit vehicle for the 21st century. The Ford Transit is also made with small business owners in mind, able to adapt to a versatile array of business types.

Ford Transit 2015

Ford achieves this by making the Transit available in several different combinations of features. You can get them taller or shorter, long or longer, and you’ve got a bunch of different interior options to choose from.

Some businesses choose elaborate shelving, for the transport of small pieces of gear and equipment. Others need wide open spaces for the transport of big pieces of equipment. Others want to move people, so spacious seating is available for businesses of this type. On the exterior, things are sleeker than they’ve ever been on any other cargo vehicle, made to make your business look good, and be really useful at the same time.

So check out a new Ford Transit. Their new ad campaign will show you how other small businesses use the vehicle. One of the commercials features Greg Henington, the owner of Far Flung Outdoor Center. Greg mentions that taking customers for the amazing outdoor experience requires a vehicle that can offer them the most comfortable experience. Ford Transit can offer them just that: With the spacious headroom and the large window – those are giving the best impression on Greg’s business.

There are more testimonials in the ad campaign – check them out and get inspired. the rest is up to you.