Outsourcing Writers for Your Business: 3 Steps to Succeed

To be a successful entrepreneur, you should keep up with the times and use carious innovations to support business running. No niche will succeed without online presence today, and all specialists understand the importance of content marketing, which is a significant part of every marketing strategy.

Content is a king. Yes, we all heard this phrase two years ago, but it gained a different meaning in 2015 when more than 80% of marketers use content marketing to develop their online businesses. For those who need proofs, Content Marketing Institute did research and shared the results here.

Content is king

Being an entrepreneur, you will agree that content marketing is not only about writing and publishing texts. Content marketing strategy includes many components, five of which are the following:

  • Creation
  • Distribution
  • Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Management

One and only marketer would find it difficult to cope with all these components alone. One can manage and analyze the process, but one will hardly create and distribute the content by themselves, due to the lack of writing skills or time. The solution drops from the clouds: you can outsource content writing services to get high-quality texts for your business websites, blogs, and communities.

What are your benefits?

Outsourcing your content creation can provide numerous benefits to your business. For example:

  1. New marketing channels. You will have enough time to spread your content as it will be written by outsourced writers already.
  2. Better social activity and engagement. If you ask professional copywriters to create content it will have more chances to be shared, and it will make your brand recognizable.
  3. Less costs for your campaign. As a rule, outsourced writers are not as expensive as in-house ones, so you can save some money.

So, what should you do to outsource your business writing successfully?

Content writer is working for a client

Outsourcing writers: How to do it properly

Follow these three steps of working with outsourced writers:

1. Find them

It’s not difficult to find copywriters online, but you should clearly understand what you want from them. Some authors are ready to write articles for you while others are good in content optimization and distribution. Plus, you should be very careful about their skills: make sure their knowledge and skills meet your expectations.

You can look for writers at freelance websites, you can hire professional vendors to help you cope with content creation and management, or you can check the best writing websites and ask professional academic writers to create content of high quality.

Check these resources to start with:

  1. Upwork.com/writing—the largest and most popular online workplace to find professionals of different fields—writers, editors, designers, consultants, developers, etc.
  2. Contently.com/solutions—a resource to find and contact professional writers directly. It also provides different tools for content publishing and brand promotion.
  3. Scripted.com/products—a platform to order videos and posts for your SMM.
  4. Witmart.com/writing— a freelance website with seven million registered users. Post your project here, and writers will find you themselves.

2. Manage them

You can’t visit the first available website of freelance writers and choose the first available person who promises to create awesome content for you. Before making your final choice, keep in mind several aspects that will help you manage your team of outsourced content creators.

These aspects are the following:

  • Don’t hurry up to hire a writer who doesn’t have any samples of published works. You should see if his or her skills and writing style meet your needs. Always ask candidates to send samples, or check their portfolios before hiring them.
  • Make sure you give clear instructions to a writer, and he or she clearly understands what you want from them. Ask if they have the experience of writing content for websites and if they understand what makes the B2B content different from other texts, posts, or articles on the Web.
  • Don’t choose the cheapest writer at the market. Being a businessman, you remember about your budget and try to save money where possible, but low prices don’t equal quality (as a rule). Some of us are lucky to find cheap but good writers, but it’s a kind of exception; it’s always better to build a relationship with outsourced authors whom you can trust.

Plus, you might want to remember these 9 questions to ask yourself before hiring a freelancer. They will help you choose a superstar writer for your content creation.

3. Feedback them

Both outsourced writers and your fellow marketers need your feedback, as it helps to generate ratings and makes it easier to understand who is who on the market.

Always rate writers, leave comments on their work, and give recommendations. Doing that, you:

  • help a writer improve skills and get more orders and clients in the future;
  • help other marketers understand if this very writer is good enough to hire.


Hundreds of talented writers are waiting for you to outsource them. Keep in mind all important aspects of hiring them, which are giving clear instructions, checking writing samples beforehand, not looking for the cheapest deal, and making sure they understand your task, – and you’ll get the great content for your online business strategy.

Are you ready to outsource?