Top 20 Writing Apps for Android and iPhone

Technology is helping to shape the world. Today, it has become a lot easier for people to communicate, write, transfer or publish whatever they want to, even on the go. In other words, one doesn’t have to sit in front of a desktop computer to write and post contents. You can do so from anywhere with an Android or iPhone device. This tech development, according to our friend – a college homework helper – is also beneficial to students and wannabe novelists.

Journalist using writing app

So here are top-rated writing apps you can use to write on your iPhone or Android device.

1. Writer Plus

This writing app is free to use and works for tablet and Android devices. If you occasionally find yourself in situations where you need to take quick notes or jot down something, then Writer Plus will make an excellent choice for you. You won’t ever encounter the distractions that come with the usual word processor. The app is also suitable for note taking, poems, lyrics, novel, and essay writing.

2. Microsoft Word

One cannot talk about writing apps and not include Microsoft Word, though the desktop version is considered more popular. Microsoft Word app mobile version is a must-use writing app that runs on Android and iPhone devices seamlessly. It lets you view, edit and share word files easy and very quickly. You can also use the app to write on your mobile device. Plus the app is free to download and use.

3. WPS Office

WPS is another free writing app that runs seamlessly on mobile devices. Another impressive thing about the app is its size. It won’t take up much space on your storage device like other apps on the list. Plus it also has different word processor function rolled up into one. These include Spreadsheet, Doc Scanner, Word, Presentation, and PDF. The app is also compatible with various file formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Google Doc, and Adobe PDF.

4. Google Doc

Google Docs app for Android
photo credit: PC World

This is one of the freebies from Google that one can use for a lot of things. It not only makes it possible to create documents from Android or tablets. You can edit and work on the same file with others too. Using the app, you can even open, edit and save your word files whenever and where ever you find suitable.

5. Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes is an impressive app that is free, fun to use and also makes writing seem so easy. You can create notes quickly or keep a diary of your activities on a daily basis. Keep My Notes have quite some features that can be very useful. And one of them is the ability to take notes and store even without internet connection.

6. iA Writer

The iA Writer is one of the fun apps for writing suitable for Android and iOS devices. The iOS mobile version can help identify wrong use of adjectives and other issues relating to part of speech in your document. But irrespective of whether you are using an iOS or Android device, the iA Writer will impress you.

7. Jotter Pad

This writing app has a fantastic design and useful features. The app also runs on Android devices and Tablets and is suitable for authors who enjoy creating short stories, brief notes and other files on the go. Plus you can also save your draft in different formats such as DOC or PDF via this app.

8. Editorial

Editorial App for iOS
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Editorial is a complete writing app that does literarily almost everything you would want a writing app to do. The app is quite powerful but suitable for iOS devices. Plus the interface also makes using the app much more uncomplicated. The only issue with the app is its price. It is a bit too expensive but well worth the money if you can splash the cash on it.

9. Hanx Writer

This writing app is entirely free to use but not as superior as many writing apps on this list. But, if you enjoy how the typewriter writes and want to send a letter in that form to a colleague, client or relation, then Hanx is an ideal option for you. It has quite a simple interface and would also enable you to type as if you are using a typewriter. Text editing experience via this app is also almost like using a real typewriter.

10. Ulysses

If you are eager to have a writing app that delivers the best writing experience for iPad, try Ulysses, and you will never be disappointed. Though the app doesn’t have many superior features as seen in a couple of apps on this list, it does its job perfectly. It also supports images, markup, links, footnotes, and comments. Plus you can export Web pages, Word documents, and PDFs with ease.

11. Drafts 4

Drafts 4 can make you want to write always. That’s how good it is. It also has a simple interface and would enable you to write down your thoughts quickly. Drafts 4 lets you create and send a text to other apps and services. Plus it also runs on iOS devices and supports split screen feature. Another impressive feature of the app is its customizable bar which appears above the keyboard. And even though the app is not free to use, the value for money is great.

12. My Writing Nook

My Writing Nook is not a free app but has incredible features that can make writing fun. First, you can customize the app however you want to improve your writing skills and output. You can also turn on auto correct on the app to help detect grammar and spelling mistakes. And after writing, you can share your write-ups online via the app.

13. Write

Write is an app designed specifically for writing and nothing else. The app makes writing a breeze. While writing, you will spot a cursor nub at the middle of the keyboard which makes it super easy to navigate the whole process. It’s an incredible app for note-taking and any form of writing.

14. Pro Writing Aid

If you need an app that can help fix grammar error and proofread articles with ease, then try Pro Writing Aid. One of the impressive things you will also notice about this app is that it is free to use. The app also fixes errors such as jargon words, wordiness, complex sentences, passive voices and so on.

15. Evernote

Evernote app
photo credit: Windows Central

One cannot mention writing apps without including Evernote. It is one of the best writing and project management apps out there. Evernote is free to use and runs on mobile devices and the web platform. With this writing app, you can also create notes anytime you like. Plus there is a voice recognition option you can use if you don’t feel like typing manually.

16. WriteRoom

Sometimes, you might not be able to continue typing words on your PC or laptop. And situations like this can happen during critical moments, most especially when you need to complete a task as quickly as possible. But that’s why apps like WriteRoom was created in the first place. It is not only free to use but lets you receive a plain text to the mobile device so you can continue with your writing.

17. Lists for writers

Among the numerous writing apps for students, Lists appears to be one of the best. This incredible app helps to generate ideas even without internet connection. It is also suitable for students eager to develop their skills on how to write novels.

18. Final Draft Writer

This app works perfectly for iOS operating systems. It also makes writing more engaging. Simple interface also makes drafting and editing a breeze. You can also use the app to share your final work in different formats to enable people to have access to the content of the file irrespective of their device.

19. Wattpad

Wattpad app
photo credit: iMore

Wattpad is a free app that connects users to a community with tons of free stories to read. If you are a short story or fiction writer, you could benefit exceedingly from this app. And impressively, the app runs on both iOS and Android devices.

20. Clevnote

This memo app is one of the best out there. If you want an app you can use to write memos on a daily basis then, get this one. It is free to use and classified as one of the best Android applications for Android users to create notes. With this writing app, you can create a to-do list and modify it anytime you want.


So these are incredible apps you can use for writing. And impressively, all of them run seamlessly on mobile devices. There are numerous writing apps out there, but this list will make choosing the right one a breeze for you. And like finding cheap term papers, you can read the description of each of them and select the one most convenient for you to use.