3 Popular Search Marketing Sales Tools

If you’ve spent any time in the sales industry, you know that making sure customers know about your product is a huge part of being successful. There are plenty of different types of advertising out there, and with the rise of online commerce, many are wondering how to increase the visibility of their product or service on the web. It can seem difficult to stand out with so many competitors establishing themselves on the web, but certain practices can make this process much easier.

Marketing team working on a client

One such practice is Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). SEO and other search marketing tools can be hard to sell to others due to misconceptions and misunderstandings. However, with the right resources, anyone can sell search marketing with ease. Here are three popular search marketing sales tools.

#1. HubSpot: A Full Suite of High-Quality Tools

HubSpot screenshot

Customer relationship management (or CRM) is a strategy that involves utilizing tools and resources to build long-lasting, positive business relationships with those you are trying to sell products to. HubSpot takes sales to the next level, and their suite of helpful resources can make it easy to sell search marketing tools to even the biggest skeptic. The all-in-one nature of HubSpot proves to be very helpful, as does the software’s ability to complement any other tools you may be using. There are many reasons that people choose HubSpot, including:

  • Seamless Customization – Control the way your information is listed, what is recorded, and how your relationships with clients are managed.
  • Improved Communication – Whether you want to make calls, send emails, or schedule meetings with clients, you can do it all quickly from their record.
  • Easy Growth – Search through a database of potential leads to help improve your chances of finding new clients.

By combining so many features into a simple interface, HubSpot has proven to be a high-quality resource for those who want to sell search marketing tools to others.

#2. WordStream: Becoming a Trusted Resource for Clients

WordStream screenshot

While sometimes a good presentation can be enough to sway a client and get them to invest in search marketing tools, some clients need to see a bit more before they make up their mind. Clients want to know that search marketing tools are worth investing in, and one of the best ways to help compel them is to lead by example. WordStream is a great tool for the paid search aspect of online marketing. With WordStream, you can get a performance grade for your AdWords campaign. This can give you something to show off to potential clients in order to help convince them to invest in search marketing tools.

Pay-per-click activity is one of the easiest types of search marketing tools to sell a new client on, as it provides a direct way for them to bring in revenue. With WordStream’s tools, anyone can get more out of an AdWords campaign, and this can be a great gateway tool to help clients become interested in other aspects of search marketing.

#3. InfusionSoft: Small Business CRM

Infusionsoft screenshot

InfusionSoft is an integrated e-mail marketing, CRM (customer relationship management), and e-commerce platform. It’s one of the most popular platforms for selling information products or services online, with many of the world’s top online gurus using it to run their businesses.

InfusionSoft offers features that you would need for marketing automation, with limits higher than Hubspot and at the same price as Hubspot’s lowest plan.

It’s also very powerful. By “powerful” I mean that it can do many, many things. That translates into being able to grow your business quickly.

Everything is all in one place. CRM system, email marketing, ecommerce, affiliate system, all rolled into one platform.