9 Best Sales Intelligence Tools for Prospecting in 2019

The top salesperson in the organization probably missed more sales than 90% of the salespeople on the team, but they also made more calls than the others made. Says, Zig Ziglar. But, how can you know who it is that you are calling and have the upper hand in the lead nurturing process? That is where Sales intelligence tools come in play.

If you want to increase your overall sales in 2019, then these are the tools to propel your organization towards higher profitability. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best sales intelligence tools available for prospecting in 2019.

Marketing team using sales intelligence tools

Pitching your product to unknown prospects and tailoring your offering to their requirement is always hard. No matter how skilled a salesperson is. Sales intelligence tools take out guesses and assumptions from the pitching process by providing you data and information which you can use to customize and tailor your pitch to suit the needs of your potential client.

Following is the list of the best tool you should be using in 2019.

1. Winmo

Winmo uses targeted contact search to find out the details about the right person to contact in an organization. It is a very versatile tool which has an ever-updating database thanks to the in-house researchers it employs. The best part about Winmo is that they use actual humans to verify and collect the information, so the chances of the intel being wrong are quite slim.

It offers sales predictions and notifications about potential sales opportunities, so you don’t miss out on them. You can also set custom alerts to follow up on that hot lead of yours.

2. National Cellular Directory

If your in-house sales team are experts in data mining and prospecting for potential leads using LinkedIn then you National Cellular Directory may be the Best Sales Intelligence tool for you. Essentially National Cellular Directory is a giant database with all the information you could ever require about a prospect.

Top Level decision making executives may not always make all of their information public. But, with the amount of information you find, you can quickly run a scan on National Cellular Directory. A National Cellular Directory report gets their contact information like a direct line number or an email address which they have direct access to. You can also use the full report to find out more information about them. This is a sales intelligence tool you definitely should be using in 2019.

3. Detective by Charlie

Getting every small detail and sales trigger about a prospect is great especially during those cold call sessions where you teach your salesforce the art of selling better. Detective gives you details about your previous transactions with the competitors of your lead and even allows you to send out mass outreach emails.

Detective as the name suggests also digs up a lot of information and prepares your people even before they have the first step to reach a prospect. It scours the interwebs to find any mentions of your prospects in the news and how it relates to your organization and also arms you with information about initiatives they support.

Business analysis using analytical tools

4. Data HQ

If you have just about exhausted your internal list of prospects and wish to use an external list of leads, then Data HQ is the solution you may have been looking for. It allows you to sort leads based on the filters of your choice like Company Size.

You can also use Data HQ to analyze your current list of leads to derive patterns and information you may have missed. The tool also allows you to segment your contacts and manage any campaigns you may have running.

5. Crystal

Personalities play a huge part in the prospecting for leads. If you knew the personality of the lead you are following up on before you even get to know them, wouldn’t that make your lead nurturing process a lot easier? That is where crystal comes in.

Crystal uses Social Media profiles and written texts to identify the personality type of the person you are prospecting, and it uses the DISC theory developed by psychologist William Moulton Marston to assess people on Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Crystal helps you by understanding the connections they have with people while understanding their individual personality as well. I can personally endorse Crystal, and in my observation, the report it provides is highly accurate.

Crystal also has a Gmail extension which provides a real-time suggestion about the personality of your prospect and ways to improve your pitch.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Linkedin a platform of 590 million users of which 260 million visits it at least once a month. Now imagine if you could use this amount of data to improve your prospecting, this is what LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to do.

Most good salespeople know and understand the power of a platform like LinkedIn, but only a few utilize its paid offering. What LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to do is search for prospects in a very structured manner with the help custom filters. It also sends the users recommendations for leads who may be a good fit for the product of your organization. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also allows you to sync up the information from the platform with your existing customer relationship management platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot.

As an added bonus, you also get InMail credits when you sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The platform also informs the users about real-time changes that may have occurred in the profile of their prospects like any recent Job or position changes.

Vainu tools
photo credit: Vainu

7. Vainu

Vainu aggregates the signals that occur with your prospects accounts on a daily basis to help you narrow down the data with the help of various filters to make better decisions. Vainu analyses the patterns that may occur in your business which you may miss and helps visualize them to get better reports to the key stakeholders of your business.

Vainu also notifies you about the best time to contact a prospect to pitch your product or service based on the signals it analyses from them. Vainu uses a machine learning algorithm to find useful business information from up-to-date but scattered data. It finds patterns which will help you save time in research while increasing your sales. It does all of this while helping you find new prospects and people who may be looking for a product that you offer.

8. Hunter.io

If you have been unable to find the direct contact details for the lead you are following up on, Hunter may be able to help you. Hunter is a Sales intelligence tool that can connect you to the key decision makes in any organization. The tool is very clear about the source of information, and it even provides a score that informs you how likely the person on the other end is to respond to your mail.

If you are unable to get information about the prospect you are after, Hunter will provide you with a pattern that the organization uses for their Email IDs. With a little bit of luck and a handful of guessing shall easily get you the Email ID you are after. The Google Sheets add-on also comes in quite handy which allows you to export the email list to an Excel sheet to further process. This is a very useful tool to reach the people who can help you grow your business.

9. DiscoverOrg

DicoverOrg provides its users actionable information which helps you improve your ROI. The key feature of this tool is that it allows you to figure out the exact buyer persona and assigns them a score based on their previous deals, the product fit, and the purchase intent.

DiscoverOrg also provides you with organizational charts and intel about any new project your prospects may be undertaking so you can tailor your pitch to fit the needs of your lead. You can also know what other vendors they are doing business with and if they have had any major personnel changes recently. It also analyses for online activities of the businesses and alerts potential suppliers of the activity if DiscoverOrg sees that your product or offering is a good fit.

DiscoverOrg collects the majority of its data by interviewing companies in a systematic manner and by doing their own research to back their data and claims.

We hope this list of the best sales intelligence tools help you grow your business 10X in 2019. Do let us know how the tools on this list helped you grow your business in the comments.