5 Proven Ways to Get Free Traffic From YouTube

Perhaps you have already heard that YouTube is a good source of generating traffic, but which tools you should use to make it work for you? You should use ALL possible ways to simplify the process of viewers visiting your site as soon as they have a desire. It should be so easy and convenient, so the user doesn’t have to use Google for it.

According to Google statistics – 64% of users have made a purchase under the influence of YouTube. Video content is a great opportunity to persuade doubting users to your side.

Get YouTube traffic

How to Get Traffic?

You can get traffic from YouTube in three ways:

  • Targeted advertising through AdWords.
  • Own channel.
  • Buying advertising from your blog or channel with close topic.

For sure, paying money to other people may be a good decision, but for the long-term prospects the most interesting will be creating own channel. And for our taste, we don’t like easy ways and we want benefits for free.

Please note that we are talking only about personal experience of EssayShark, so just try to follow the advice and see how it will work.

First of all, you should make sure that your company can interest, entertain or educate the user. You also need to understand how long you can shoot such videos. It is necessary constantly and regularly to add new content. If you don’t upload new videos once or twice a week, then your audience, even if interested in something, will move to another channel.

Secondly, you need to be engaged in the optimization of videos to get traffic to your site. Many people think that their own channel is a quick solution, and as soon as the video is available, the traffic will start coming immediately. The reality is that this is a long process, which can be compared to SEO. You can get results no earlier than 3-6 months after the channel’s launch.

Don’t forget about the visual component of channel and additional tools: page header, logo, link, social media. You need to set up annotations and prompts with calls to action (CTA), promotions, new releases, etc.

So, the challenge is to place links to your site in all possible places in YouTube, but at the same time make it look natural.

YouTube video marketing

Now let’s look at what you can do:

1. Video description

There are no standards for creating video descriptions. In this example, it is important to add a link to the website in your text. Whether to place just a link to the main page, or a link magnet – depends on the situation.

A hint: You can insert several different references to magnets, articles, sections or to your products.

2. Annotations

Annotations perfectly generate traffic from YouTube to the site, because they are very eye-catching.

However, there is one significant drawback: annotations DO NOT work on mobile devices! It’s sad, but not terrible, because our next technique partially solves this problem.

A hint: Try to insert the most relevant messages in annotation. Best of all is to put only one annotation at a time, so that the viewer does not lose focus.

3. YouTube cards

YouTube cards are a relatively new feature, but it is already gaining popularity primarily due to mobile devices.

Also, unlike annotations, you can draw them graphically and add CTA.

How YouTube cards work:

  • They are added separately for each video.
  • A hint icon is always visible (picture on the left).
  • CTA appears at the specified time (picture on the right).
  • Card is one, but you can insert several different blocks at once.
  • They work on all devices.
  • You can insert a link, a small picture, playlist and CTA.

4. The channel’s cover

The channel’s cover is a great place to insert a link to either your magnet or main page.

Gary Vaynerchuk YouTube cover
Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube video cover – photo credit: YouTube

According to our observations, when people watch a video for the first time, they often go to the channel to get more information about the author. Therefore, in addition to links to your social networks, you should add a link to your site.

A hint: To make it more noticeable, make a visual CTA on the cover image. This will work great.

5. Channel information

In your information block, you can add at least three links:

  1. The first link in channels’ description. This link isn’t clickable, but visually it catches your eye.
  2. The second link in the links block that leads to one of your magnets.
  3. The third link is also placed in the links block that leads to the main page of your site. It does not appear on the channel page because it does not fit, but works fine here.


So, there you go – five ways to get more traffic from YouTube for free. Have you tried any of the above or something that’s not mentioned above? If so, please share your opinion, conclusion or findings with us.