How To Grow Your YouTube Channel: 5 Ways

Starting a YouTube channel is the easiest part of your journey as a YouTuber, but growing it is another journey you need to be adequately equipped for. Thankfully the internet is crawling with information on how to effectively grow your YouTube channel. All you need to do is identify which of these numerous strategies and approaches work for you and how best to apply them.

Growing your YouTube channel

1. Create your channel homepage

The first important feature you notice in a growing and successful YouTube channel is your channel homepage. The impression made by your homepage determines whether a first time watcher will keep coming back for more or stay away forever. Your homepage has the power to transform random viewers to loyal subscribers and that is only possible if you set up your page correctly. Here are some of the tips to get an attractive and unique homepage.

Your homepage should have professional art, the channel art comes up first when your page is visited, so it must be professional and effectively communicate what your channel is all about. Investing in a professional channel art is definitely a step in the right direction.

2. Optimize your video structure

Maximizing your video structure is a no brainer. Everyone including you will skim through videos before taking the step to subscribe or even watch one of the videos fully. Display your best videos at the top of your homepage so that your best content will make the first impression. We all know the importance of first impressions.

Gary Vaynerchuk speaking in a conference as a keynote speaker
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3. Build a community

Building a community is also another verified approach to increasing you’re the signals of your engagement which ultimately leads to higher rankings and more subscribers. As a matter of fact YouTube states that: “building a community on YouTube lets you have a deeper connection with your audience and can lead to long term channel growth”.

One simple strategy to building a community is replying comments, this transcends and gives the viewer a sense of importance which subsequently draws other people in. sharing relatable stories or sharing in the pain of random subscribers also imparts a sense of empathy and establishes loyalty. These subscribers in fact turn to telling their friends and family about your YouTube channel.

4. Get more subscribers

This is a no brainer! One of the other pertinent ways to significantly grow your YouTube channel is through your channel subscribers. Your channel subscribers are the people that specifically choose to receive updates anytime you upload new videos. This puts you at an advantage because channels that have been subscribed to are more likely to pop up on their YouTube search and YouTube homepage.

Your channel subscribers are likely to watch your new video content first amongst other videos. According to the YouTube internal data “subscribers tend to spend more time watching your channel than viewers who are not subscribed.

In order to capitalize on this platform it becomes necessary to engage your subscribers. Subscribers that are constantly engaged on your channel can increase your watch time and amplify the visibility of your content.

Buying of YouTube likes and comments can be a very effective and efficient avenue to building your YouTube channel. But you need to make sure that you understand that such strategies are in a gray area. If you’re interested, there are several websites offer excellent visibility services to expand your YouTube channel. These websites help in building traffic by increasing the number of views and comments on each video you upload on YouTube. One of the forerunning websites that grows a lot of YouTube channels is Boost wolf. They definitely are the place for ordering safe and quality service.

Targeting customer niche

5. Focus on a niche

Focusing on carving your own niche is definitely going to set apart from others, having your unique style and creating your brand will stand you out. There are tons of YouTube channels showcasing exactly the same thing as you are, so you have to go the extra mile to set yourself out otherwise you risk being lost in the crowd.

With these solid approaches, your journey as a YouTuber will run smoothly as long as you are ready to put in the work.