How to Acquire a Prestigious Office Location without the Cost

How to Acquire a Prestigious Office Location without the Cost

In recent years, the commercial real estate of Malaysia has started to stagnate. While market experts agree that rates will eventually recover, for the moment, private landlords are despairing, and businesses have more money to spend. So, if you are an entrepreneur or a small company owner, now is a good time to invest in cities like Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Not only can you get more for your cash than you might have five years ago, but the emergence of flexible offices has expanded the options. For instance, with Servcorp serviced office solutions, you can grab a top spot even on a tight budget. This is because these unique providers offer a new way to manage logistical expenses.

Keep reading to find out more about serviced offices and how you can secure one of the best addresses in Kuala Lumpur.

Highly Competitive Rates

The secret to cost saving with serviced offices is the fact that they include a lot more essentials in their monthly rate than traditional landlords. Rental prices are highly competitive and have no trouble matching other vendors, but you’ve got to look carefully at the terms of use.

For around the same price of a standard, empty office space, tenants get a fully furnished suite. All logistical expenses are included, such as heating, cleaning, lighting, water supplies, and broadband. This makes it more viable to consider one of the top locations.

No Waste, No Filler

In addition to this, tenants are encouraged to make tailored changes to their rental packages. Initially, a range of core resources (telephone lines, mailboxes, the internet, etc.) are added to the monthly fee, but most can be changed or eliminated if they are not considered valuable.

This opportunity is designed to help businesses minimise waste and squeeze as much worth as possible out of the office rental. Therefore, it becomes easier to afford a prime location in the capital city, because money isn’t being spent on redundant tools or equipment.

Robust Back Office Support

It should be clear now that serviced vendors deliver exceptional value by providing a lot more than standard leases. It is a kind of ‘all inclusive’ deal, but one which you can structure to suit the needs of your business. You’re paying for a top spot, but enjoying subsidised resources.

The more of these resources that you use, the better value your rental package will be. You can choose from conference room access, web development, tech support, receptionists, PAs, coworking spaces, networking events, and much more.

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Safety Net Assistance

One area of serviced offices which is often overlooked is the provision of tailored advice. This is not a cookie cutter system. If you make the decision to move into a prime location and later have trouble meeting the payments, your provider will lay out all of the available options.

You could strip back your rental package and remove some features so that the monthly premium is reduced. Or, some vendors allow tenants to relocate within the same building or to another local facility so that they can move into a more manageable suite.

What to Look for in a Serviced Office

When searching for an impressive serviced office in Kuala Lumpur, prioritise locations in the centre of the city. The most prestigious spots tend to be close to retail and financial districts, where you find a lot of investors and big brands.

Keep in mind that a private lease would be much harder to afford because it doesn’t come with any of the logistical expenses included. So, you’d have to factor all of these into the final cost. Whereas, with a serviced suite, even your furniture and cleaner are already arranged.

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