Improve Your Business Location (and Bottom Line) Using a Virtual Office

Having an office has long been an integral part of starting and running a business. Unfortunately, having a physical location can be expensive and typically requires you to rent a property and pay for furniture, utilities, and other amenities such as parking.

Recently, however, the idea of using a virtual, or part-time office, has become more popular. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a virtual office for your business:

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Great Location for a Fraction of the Price

A prestigious location can instantly pique client interest. Businesses located in Beverly Hills, for instance, can automatically be viewed as more established and more successful than a company that has an address in a less lucrative area. A virtual location will give you all of the benefits of a popular location, including a mailing address and phone number.

And the best thing of all? The above perks come without the price of regular rent and utilities in the area.

Meet When You Need

Suppose you want your virtual office to be located in Los Angeles.  You can get Los Angeles meeting rooms for rent when you need to sit down face to face with employees or a client. The conference rooms are located in some of the top business locations in Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, and are stocked, and furnished, to fit your business needs.

While you can’t use meeting rooms in a virtual office as much as you can (you’ll get your share of usage depending on the plan you subscribe to,) you can always rent by the hours, as needed.

Answering Services

Clients often get their first taste of how your business runs through a phone call. You can make sure that you retain clientele and never miss a call even if you don’t want you and your employees tied to the phones with a live receptionist. You also have the option of a professional messaging service and can choose to use one, or both, for your company.


Mail forwarding services

A virtual office can take care of your mails.  Your virtual staff can sort the mails for you, forwarding important mails to your designated address and dispose of the rest, depending on your preferences.  This service is crucial especially when you don’t want others to know about your real address (i.e. your home office address) for safety and brand image reasons.


A virtual office is not all about image and prestige, though.  There are many other benefits offered by a virtual office, such as additional services, such as professional telephone answering and receptionist services, mail forwarding services, meeting room rentals, and so on. All comes at a fraction of the costs.

So, whether you are looking to start a company, or looking for a way to jumpstart business your current venture, a virtual office – preferably with Global Business Centers –  can definitely help get you the benefits without the high prices.