5 Reasons Why Twitter Isn’t Dead (Just Yet)

5 Reasons Why Twitter Isn’t Dead (Just Yet)

Twitter cannot compete with social media giant Facebook, but it is in the top 5 biggest social media platforms out there today. With over 328 million monthly users, Twitter offers a convenient outlet for you to reach out to a massive audience including your current customers.

The amount of Twitter users continues to grow at a steady pace – the audience this platform can reach just keeps expanding. In fact, the average active daily user base has grown 14% year-over-year in 2016. Although Twitter hasn’t made many drastic changes to its platform in a decade, new users continue to steadily flock here.

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A well-established Twitter presence can be beneficial when looking to promote yourself, engage with customers, and generate new leads.

Twitter Serves as a Multitool

Twitter offers multi-functional platform for your business. Write short content that isn’t time consuming, share videos and graphics of any kind too. All those things can be seamlessly incorporated in your twitter feed.

Make sure you have a variety of content uploaded onto your twitter account. Mix things up a little bit and try to avoid using too much of the same thing. What I mean by that is don’t exclusively upload videos or only pictures.

Healthy combination of different forms of content will create the best user engagement.

No Time Commitment

Using twitter doesn’t need a huge time commitment. The posts are limited in length so don’t overthink your posts. You are able to easily submit pictures, videos and other media on this platform.

Blogs, infographics and other content that you may have to create can take a solid chunk of time to develop. Updating your Twitter account is not a time consuming process. You can actually use Twitter to promote other content you possess. In a way, you have one social media platform that’s scratching the other ones back.

Instant Feedback

Using Twitter as a communication tools allows you to reach a massive audience quickly. Twitter users are also able to reach out to you too.

The way tweeting works is great, the conversations can stay transparent between your business and the consumer. Any other potential customers can learn about how your business operates just based on your interactions with the world.

After a while, positive interactions between you and the customer can generate retweets which only help enhance your marketing efforts.

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Identifying Locations

As a business owner you might be looking to reach out to your community and spread the word of your existence or upcoming promotions. Twitter allows you to search users based on location so you can spread the word far and wide or stay more localized.

If you go to the advanced search function, you have the option of putting down a location. This will display people who are near the location of your choice. It’s an easy way to connect with local Twitter users and introduce yourself.

See What’s Trending

There is unique function that lets you stay up to date with what’s trending out there in the Twittersphere. You might be able to catch the hashtag wave and ride it to foster more visibility for your business.

Pay attention to the relevant hashtags floating around twitter at any given moment. Well incorporated hashtag in your tweets will boost your visibility. People use hashtags when searching for different topics and other users they want to connect with.

Keep On Tweeting

Twitter active user base is growing steadily. Twitter is not dying just yet. In fact, it’s a valuable social media marketing tool for your business.

If you haven’t tried establishing your presence on Twitter, you might be missing out on valuable business connections you could be making.

Go out there and see how much joy tweeting can bring to you and your consumer.

Uwe Dreissigacker

Uwe Dreissigacker is the CEO of InvoiceBerry, an online invoicing software for small businesses and freelancers. His background in the online business world ranges from AdTech to FinTech and online game publishing.