What is the Intangible Value Offered by a Virtual Office Address

A virtual office address is something that’s been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. This is especially true among those who are looking to take their respective businesses further. The reasons for the growing popularity are diverse and we’ll be exploring some of them in this blog.

Virtual office addresses offer several advantages that make them an excellent alternative to actual brick and mortar offices. For instance, they can help lend a professional image to your company in the same way that physical offices can. But, that’s just one of the basic advantages.

Rockefeller Center, New York
Rockefeller Center, NYC

Virtual offices can go beyond what’s normal and open up doors to capabilities that simply aren’t possible with physical office spaces. For instance, can your physical office adapt to changing needs without undergoing structural alterations? Well, they can’t. However, virtual offices can.

As you can see, a virtual office value isn’t always measured in dollar; there are many (too many, actually!) intangible benefits offered for your business. Let’s discuss some of the deeper benefits that virtual offices can provide.


Believe it or not, virtual offices can actually help support your branding efforts. You see, reputation is extremely important for a business. This is a universal truth and has nothing to do with the actual size of your business. A good reputation is a good reputation at the end of the day.

However, branding is exactly the thing that most small businesses and startups tend to forget about. Branding is very very necessary if you intend to keep the customers coming in.

But, what’s that got to do with a virtual office address?

Well, a virtual office address can provide you with access to a range of resources that can help you establish your brand. Whether you opt for a global or domestic virtual service, the benefit is the same. Your company has a professional address that it can be associated with and that’s great for your branding efforts.

A professional address has a certain impact that a home address doesn’t. Think about it. Imagine you want to hire the services of a particular company, but end up finding that they operate out of a basement in a house. Do you find that appealing? Will you be comfortable trusting the business? It’s likely that you won’t even if the business is actually a reliable one.

You see, we humans are, sadly, superficial by nature and can’t help measuring an entity’s worth by looking at its appearance. A virtual office address combats this by creating an illusion of sorts. It tells your customers that you’re a brand like any other.

Access to Multiple Locations

Some virtual services provide international addresses. In other words, you can have virtual offices all over the globe. Though you might have to pay a lot more, this is quite beneficial. Especially, if you’re a globe-trotting freelancer.

You basically have a virtual address for all the locations you carry out your business in. This is a major boost for your business. Let’s say, you operate out of the US and want to start offering your services in Asia and Europe.

With resources such as Wi-Fi and office equipment available to you, it becomes much easier to host your foreign clients. You can save a considerable amount of money by avoiding hotel bookings and hiring expensive locations.

Plus, you can make that important first good impression on your foreign clients. You’ll never have to give up opportunities due to the lack of resources and facilities ever again.

Virtual receptionist in a virtual office

Value Added Services

Most virtual office services provide a range of value added services that can make a huge difference. This typically includes:

  • A virtual receptionist service that manages phone calls and message transcriptions.
  • A dedicated number (toll-free) routed to your personal phone.
  • A mail and package delivery service that forwards mails and packages to your actual address.
  • A virtual assistant and/or call center agent who offers email support, technical support, appointment setting, email support etc.
  • Access to CRM systems, email, and other online platforms in order to reduce your productivity budget.
  • Actual physical space that is furnished, along with extra services that are part of the provider network.
  • 0 expenses with regard to overheads, maintenance, or lease obligations.

Having access to such an extensive range of virtual service functions can have a tremendous impact on the way your brand is perceived. Though you may not require these options at first, you never know when your business will grow. So, it’s always good to have scalable options ready.

Safer for the Environment

It doesn’t matter what kind of a business you are, you have a responsibility towards protecting the environment. It’s a known fact that businesses have a massive impact on the environment and that it leads to issues. So, it’s a must that businesses take up the responsibility of running their operations with a focus on keeping the environment safe.

Virtual offices can help with this by reducing or eliminating resource wastage and under-utilization. For instance, virtual offices are virtual. There’s no actual need for certain things such as paper. Plus, since there are no actual people working in a virtual office, the consumption of energy is bound to be extremely low.

Virtual offices prevent your business from becoming a burden on the environment.

Busy virtual office space

Make the Right Decision

So, as you can see, there are tremendous benefits to your business with a virtual office address. You see, a virtual office address is just like a regular office. You receive logistical services such as answering calls, fax handling, and reception services. In fact, higher-end virtual services even provide executive suites, video conferencing, and meeting rooms etc.

Basically, it’s like setting up your own office at the fraction of the actual cost. But, the greatest benefit is the boost it gives to your brand image.

Presenting yourself as a serious business becomes much easier when it possesses all the professional components that make up a traditional business. Something as simple as having a legitimate address can change the average customer’s perception of your brand. Naturally, this leads to other benefits such as an expanding bottom line.