10 Highly Effective Ideas You Can Use in Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating and distributing content to attract visitors, retain them and eventually turn them into paying customers. Most people realize the effectiveness of content marketing and use it to generate leads. However, one thing that troubles marketers with content marketing is that they eventually run out of ideas for their campaigns.

When marketers run of out of ideas, they aren’t able to consistently produce compelling content and their campaigns eventually become fruitless. To help content marketers, let’s highlight 10 ideas that every marketer can use in their content marketing campaign.

10 content marketing ideas any business can use

1. Incorporate Images and Videos in Content

Digital content has become over-saturated while mobile internet access is growing. Due to this reason, attention spans are now shorter. Now, when content is presented in the written form, it’s off-putting for the audience and they may not bother to read the whole text. However, when the text is split up with a few compelling images, readers are more likely to read the whole piece of content.

Videos are useful for highlighting common problems faced by people and then demonstrating how a particular product can solve their problem. A high-quality video that helps viewers and provides them valuable information shows to them that a company is willing to go the extra mile just for the sake of its potential customers. There are different kinds of videos that marketers can use to promote a business – they could consider explainer videos, customer testimonials or how-to-videos.

Whether a marketer uses images or videos for content marketing, it is important to note that the images and videos should align with the style of their brand.

2. Use Infographics

Infographics allows marketers to gather all the complex statistics and data and combine them into an easily tangible and compelling visual piece. When accompanied by promotional endeavours, infographics can turn out to be highly effective for a content marketing campaign.

3. Presentations

Presentations were once only restricted to the boardroom. However, this isn’t the case anymore. Now presentations are an important part of content marketing. Marketers can share their presentations with people through SlideShare to expand the reach of their business. With a powerful SlideShare presentation, marketers can inform their audience about an important topic that is lengthy and warrants detailed discussion.

use slideshare presentations to market content to users

4. Create an eBook or Blog Post

Blog posts, whitepapers, articles or eBook are extremely useful for content marketing provided they are crafted to perfection. When these content pieces are of high-quality, people will not only read them but also share them with others. When creating blog posts, whitepapers, articles or eBook, it is important to focus on topics that the audience would be interested in reading.

5. Screenshots

Screenshots allow a marketer to share the insights of their products or service with the audience. They can show the functions and services offered by the company and even combine the screenshot with a customer testimonial.

6. Memes

Images that include humorous captions are commonly called memes. Social media websites like Facebook are full of them which shows how engaging memes are. By creating their own memes, marketers can promote their product or services in a unique way to set themselves apart from their competitors.

7. Contests

Alex from VM Interactive advises content marketers to incorporate contests in their marketing campaigns as they can boost engagement of the audience and attract more visitors to a website. Marketers can run a contest on social media platforms. They can tell the users to enter the contest through their website by providing their email address and name. The email address acquired through a contest can be used for email marketing in the future.

8. An Online Course

Online courses allow marketers to persuade people by educating them. The reason online courses are effective in capturing the attention of the audience is because they demonstrate value and authority and build credibility and trust before a marketer goes for a conversion. The course doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. It just has to be informative and helpful for the audience.

9. A Buyer’s Guide

Marketers can use a buyer’s guide to recommend products and services their customers or clients should buy. They can establish their authority in the niche by introducing new products or services people may not be familiar with.

10. Answer Questions

Answering questions on Q/A websites like Quora allows a business to establish its credibility while helping people who need it. These websites help a business connect with the audience in their niche and attract them by providing helpful information.

Compelling Content is Within Your Reach!

If you cycle between using the 10 content marketing tips highlighted above, you and your team should have no problem keeping users engaged, and sales high. The biggest trick is to avoid getting stuck into a rut, providing only one or two types of content to users, or focusing only on sales-based content that doesn’t provide any useful value to potential customers.

Time to get to work!