4 Powerful Marketing Strategy Tips For Entrepreneur Marathon Success

Building a powerful marketing strategy is essential for entrepreneurs. Regardless of your industry, it is important to have a marketing plan that drives success. This, however, is easier said than done. Marketing can be tricky, especially for beginner entrepreneurs.

The good news is that once you get your feet wet with marketing, future endeavors, growth, and success become simplified. This is why every entrepreneur needs a few powerful marketing strategy tips in his or her business arsenal.

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“The entrepreneur journey is a marathon, or series of marathons, not a sprint,” explained CEO Chris Bower, whose agency specializes in internet marketing in Michigan. “But those marathons do become easier as an entrepreneur with strong marketing strategies in place.”

The following marketing strategy tips may prove useful as you begin running your entrepreneur marathons in the very near future.

Marketing Strategy Tip #1. Know And Truly Understand Your Target Audience

You have probably heard the marketing term “target audience” before. But how much have you really thought about it. For entrepreneurs, knowing the target audience is critical to running faster business marathons.

Understanding your target audience is even more important. This is where buyer or customer personas play a role. To really know your target audience, you need to dig into every aspect of their lives.

For instance, if you are selling running shirts for women, you need to know what age your target audience is, their hobbies other than running, average income, education, the technology they use, and where they hang out online.

With this info, you can build powerful buyer or customer personas that will make conversions and sales easier.

Marketing Strategy Tip #2. Deliver Personalized Messages

This is a very important tip to put into action as early as possible. Entrepreneurs are often great at ideation, but lacking in the personalized message department. This is common and simple to overcome.

The first goal of delivering personalized messages is to eliminate any kind of spammy sales pitches from the entrepreneur equation. For example, you can ditch the “Best Product On The Planet” message. Instead use “This product was specifically designed with you in mind” messaging.

Getting your brand message across as an entrepreneur will be easier with powerful buyer or customer personas in place (as discussed in tip #1).

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Marketing Strategy Tip #3. Leverage Social Media At All Times

Social media is an entrepreneurs best business partner. It is free, unless you are planning on driving sales via social media ads, and it is where your customers probably hang out online. But, you will need to get more specific in the way you use social media.

Simply posting about your product once a day, five days a week, won’t cut it. You need to leverage social media groups on Facebook. You will need to grab attention with Instagram Stories. And you need to build a powerful base of loyal followers.

You can use marketing strategy tip #1 to help you find your target audience on social media. For instance, if your target audience is mainly female, Pinterest is a must in order to reach them easier. And tip #2 will help you deliver personal messages that convert from social media to your website, product page, and/or mobile app.

Marketing Strategy Tip #4. Influencer Marketing Is A Must-Do

Do you wish there was an easy way to reach your target audience without spending months building a powerful user base via lead generation on your site and business social media page? Well, there actually is.

Enter influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is no longer a trend or buzzword. It is a viable marketing strategy that has massive return on investment (ROI) when done right. This is because influencers already have the target audience you want to reach. And the influencer’s followers hang on his or her every word for recommendations.

Search Instagram or YouTube to find influencers that are in your industry and/or niche. Once you find a few, send them a short message about your business, product, and/or service, as well as what you can offer them for promoting your brand.

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In Conclusion . . .

The above marketing strategy tips are just the beginning. They are, however, among the most powerful tips to begin putting into practice today. Entrepreneurs have many marathons ahead of them. Whether this is your first business venture, or third, marketing needs to play a pivotal role.

Have you used a marketing strategy not listed above? How did it help you achieve success as an entrepreneur? We want to hear from you.