The Importance of Testing Your Site’s Security When Setting Up a Business in 2021

With so much to think about when setting up a business – especially during the pandemic-ridden business world today – it’s easy to forget several important factors. One of these is the security of your website.

Website security

Every business knows that having a strong online presence is vital to their success. It’s even more critical today than ever.  However, many don’t consider the safety implications that come with having a website. If your website isn’t safe, it could have serious implications for both your company and your customers.

So how exactly do you make sure your website is safe and secure in 2021?

Ensure it is professionally designed

When looking into having a website designed, it isn’t just the aesthetics you need to pay attention to. Many businesses get so caught up in ensuring their website looks good, that they fail to consider the security aspect of its design. Then there’s the cost of having a website created. Depending upon your website requirements, it can cost a lot of money to get your company site developed.

So, many businesses take the same ‘death route’: To cut costs, many businesses opt for the free template option.  What they don’t know is the fact that this decision comes at a cost: Most of those comes with zero security on top of a less-than-professional design.

You should always ensure your site is designed by a professional company. They are always up to date with the latest security measures and will ensure the site doesn’t just look good, but that it’s safe and secure to use.

Keeping up to date with security

Having security installed as part of the website design is the first step to ensure it is safe from potential hackers and viruses. It’s equally important to ensure you stay on top of updated website security best practices.

Make sure to use HTTPS protocol with your website to secure your website.  On top of that, make sure you use SSL that offer the level of protection that you need.  Also, be sure to choose a website hosting that offers top-notch security measures for your business website.  Lastly, if you use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, make sure that you well-secure the CMS itself.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, hackers have to be a lot smarter. Old security app and practices can be quickly outsmarted so you need to update it as regularly as you can.

Get a professional assessment

What better way to find out if your website is secure than having it tested by a professional company? DIY is probably cheaper, but depending on your and/or your team’s IT skills level, you may somehow need to hire a pro for this purpose.

If you choose to go with the pro, make sure that you hire a company that offers an in-depth security assessment which identifies any potential threats to the site and its visitors. You’ll even receive a copy of the report highlighting what was found throughout the test. This helps you to see if changes need to be made and more importantly, where they need to be made.


Overall the security of your business site is paramount to your success. If a visitor gets a virus or has their details stolen as a result of visiting and using your site, you could end up facing expensive legal bills and your company’s reputation will be severely damaged.