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How Your Addiction to Entrepreneurship Can Make or Break Your Success

Addictive EntrepreneurshipIf you read my previous post about startup addiction, here is a book I recommend you to read about how you can use your addiction to help you success, instead of failing you.

Addictive Entrepreneurship, written by Allan J. Katz, is about discovering how your addictive way of thinking can be the main reason behind your failures in your business, and how to revert it into a propeller for you to achieve your success.

Reading through the book, the reality strikes me – My past business failures are due to not identifying my addiction that comes in the form of perfectionism.

In the book, Allan wrote, “When addictive thinking takes over, you begin to question your own decision-making process. Doubt sets in and all the years of experience and education seem to vanish, allowing you to question whether you should be working for yourself in the first place.”

All I can say is this: OUCH!

Why “Addictive Entrepreneurship” can change your personal and business life

That’s what happened (and still happening) to me – I love business ideas and I am keen to start up businesses according to them, in an almost impulsive way.

However, my perfectionist side starts to question my decision – I start to question my very own decision making, just like what Allan wrote in his book.

What worse, my perfectionism makes me work 18 hours a day, driven by my guilt feelings of not trying hard enough to succeed. I need help badly!

The results are devastating – I’m losing my motivation in pursuing the startups and starting to find ways to get rid of them!

Logically, I have to tweak the businesses until they are working as they should. I have this perseverance and resilience, but my addictive thinking defeats my positive traits.

Allan J. Katz – a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist, a former President of the Direct Marketing Association of Memphis, and an adjunct professor at the University of Memphis Continuing Education Program – explained, through his experience, that what I should do to ‘cure’ my entrepreneurial mind’s addiction is to identify my ‘push-button’ or ‘trigger’ to all negativity, and try to control it and revert it into a positive success-driving force.

I am personally benefiting from Allan J. Katz’ book. If you are really want to know that you are an addict in entrepreneurship, in any forms, I highly recommend you to read Allan J. Katz book, “Addictive Entrepreneurship.”

If you would like to learn more, I recommend you to visit Allan J. Katz’ Addictive Entrepreneurship website to learn more about what’s inside the book.

Ivan Widjaya
Controlling my entrepreneurial addiction

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  • Hi Dali,

    I agree that trying hard to do everything yourself is wasting valuable resources.

    I believe in the Pareto’s Law – Only 20% of your resources are consumed to do 80% of your work. However, in the other hands, 80% resources are wasted to do just 20% of your work. This is the case for me, and increasing my productivity to reduce the 80% waste is not as easy as I thought.

    Lingering in the 80% waste is highly related to my (and probably your) addiction to entrepreneurship – the unhealthy one, that is…

    Learning to manage the “addiction” is key to live a productive life… and a better work-life balance.

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thought :)

  • Dali Burgado

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about addictive entrepreneurship with us. I can tell this came from the heart.

    I know I am a passionate entrepreneur. I can relate to the feeling of wanting to work hours and hours because you want to go somewhere, but when I realized I had to focus on my passions and align my strengths and talents there, I saw the solution.

    Don’t start anything unless you’re passionate about it and don’t focus on tasks you’re not great at. You really can work minimally if you focus on working smart while working on your passions.

    Looking forward to reading that book!

    Thanks, Ivan. I appreciate you, and your wisdom.

    Dali Burgado


  • Hi Andrea,

    That goes with any of us who live and breath entrepreneurship!

    I can’t see myself working for some big companies (As an employee, I picture myself as… under-performing and too laid back…LOL)

    Yes, I definitely agree that entrepreneurship is the only way to live the life we dream about. The long hours and risks taken – both seem insignificant compared to the freedom you can achieve.

    Just don’t let your mind overdo entrepreneurship – it will backfire :)

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Andrea!

  • I can definitely relate to this book, I’ve often thought I am addcited to being an entrepreneur and know that I am unemployable because of it! I love working in my own business and doing my own thing, I also love encouraging others to do their own thing and create their destiny by being an entrpereneur. I feel it is the only way to really create the life we want and dream about.

  • Hi,

    Yes – sabotaging is the right word to describe :) The whole things are probably the main reason why I fail as much as I did in the past, and recovering from the mind addiction could save a fortune!

    Thanks for your comment :)

  • Well there’s one thing for sure: I am GOING to read that book…maybe while I’m waiting for my Entrepreneurs Anonymous meeting to start.

    I certainly saw myself in the short description and examples you gave out of the book. It appears that there are other people who consistently sabotage and derail themselves, partially because of the sheer number of business ideas running around in their heads. Couple that with perfectionism and you’re really toast.

    Heading to Amazon, or somewhere, to buy that book and start on the road to recovery….and real success.