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4 Ways to Amplify Your Brand on LinkedIn

Although social media can be a productivity killer without self-discipline, there is one channel you should be paying attention to: LinkedIn. It’s a business social network that helps you amplify… Read more »

5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand without Selling Out

Everyone has a personal brand. Whether you are a CEO, freelancer, entrepreneur, or artist, you have a personal brand to maintain. Sometimes, trying to develop that brand will seem like… Read more »

Top 3 Reasons to Develop Your Personal Brand Today

The social networking platforms and online resources we have today make developing a strong online presence easier to do. Brands and corporations are taking advantage of these new resources to… Read more »
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Exclusive Q&A with Michael Hyatt on Goal Setting, Mentoring and Personal Branding

We cross path! I’ve been following Michael Hyatt for years, and thanks to a connector (you’re the man, Matt!) I finally have a great opportunity to have a Q&A with… Read more »

How to Market yourself as a Freelancer

In recent years, the idea of working as a freelancer seems to have attracted many enthusiasts. The number of people choosing this route is continuously growing amongst all occupations. Not… Read more »

Why Personal Branding Can Take Your Internet Marketing Strategy Ahead?

To answer your query as to why personal branding is important for small business owners, let’s understand this first – How do you plan to make your site more visible?… Read more »

How to Boost Small Business Success with Personal Branding

For small businesses and entrepreneurs you rely highly on your reputation and word-of-mouth to get your business established and well known in your industry. It has been said that word-of-mouth… Read more »

Dork Your Brand

What you should NOT do in business brandingYou’ve got your cool little business, you’ve had some degree of success and you’ve done it all on your own. The only bar… Read more »

10 Things I Hate About Branding

I hate branding!ONE: Frankly it takes a lot of work to stay on top of my brand. If only I could just push a button like the Staples “Easy Button”… Read more »

15 things the competition DOESN’T want you to screw with!

One thing I should give a damn about: Corporate brandThe big question you must asking yourself is: Why should I give a damn about my corporate brand? I hope this… Read more »
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