Interactive Marketing at Its Best

interactive marketing 101
Interactive marketing
One-to-one, or interactive marketing is the new face of marketing. It’s a type of marketing that requires customer interaction to be successful while also providing the customer with a positive experience at the same time. With interactive marketing, both the businesses and consumer benefit.

Types of Interactive Marketing

Email Marketing: Though email marketing may not seem like the first choice for launching a marketing campaign, the smart phone revolution has caused a spike in email activity. One in three consumers report that they are now using email more than ever with their mobile phones, with 56% being smart phone users. A surprising amount of 18-24 year olds rely on email for special offers, promotions and vouchers. Email marketing is an effective tool because of its direct nature, personal experience, and source of relevant information and deals.

Social Media: Few experiences are more personal than social media. We are used to sharing with friends, sending and receiving information, and now we’re used to interacting with our favorite businesses. The presence of companies on social media sites means that we rely on their pages for information, promotions, and giveaways. We’re used to being kept in the loop with our favorite brands, reading updates and scoring good deals. Social media is one of the most interactive forms of marketing, providing a great experience for both businesses and consumers.

Landing Pages: Consumers know exactly what they want and the landing page for a link provides them with this information. A well-designed landing page offers the ability to interact with content that’s highly relevant and simple to navigate.

Why Interactive Marketing?

Personalized Experience: Since it relies on consumer interaction, interactive marketing provides a highly personalized experience for users. In sharp contrast to mass marketing billboards, signage or commercials, interactive marketing has many features that make the customer feel valued.

Relevant Information: Also unlike mass marketing campaigns, interactive marketing offers consumers specific information, deals and offers. Giving consumers the information they actually want is one of the strongest points of interactive marketing. Giving consumers all of what they want, and none of what they don’t want ensures a positive experience, every time.

Direct Engagement: Few marketing outlets allow consumers to engage with brands on the same level offered by one-to-one marketing. From checking a Facebook page daily to following a Twitter account or getting deals direct to their inboxes, consumers can engage with the brands they love easier than ever with interactive marketing.

As the world of marketing continues to change, one-to-one or interactive marketing will become an increasingly important method of connecting with consumers. If you haven’t already made the switch to more effective marketing tools, now is the time.