7 Things You Did Not Know About Employee Motivation

Being a manager, a chief or an owner of a smaller business (or a larger one, no matter) automatically makes you responsible for the well-being of your employees. Aside from the physical aspect of their well-being, you also have to consider the mental aspect. One of the things that can have a positive effect on your employees’ mental health is how motivated they are for the job they are doing – and it is your obligation to provide them with proper motivation.


Now, there are many studies done on how to motivate your employees, but I will list some things that you might not have been aware of. You might have been doing something wrong for that matter.

For starters:

Poorly motivated employees will cost you dearly

Recent studies have shown that workers who are motivated have shown up to a 50% increase in productivity compared to those who are poorly motivated. In most cases, it is the manager’s job to organize everything – even the atmosphere and the work ethic – lack of motivation is not the employee’s fault.  So, doing a proper, responsible manager’s job can be considered key to gaining increased profits.

Only last year, poorly motivated employees had cost businesses throughout the USA an astounding $350 million (source: Gallup.com.) This is a lot of money – a sum that is worth a little extra effort from the managers.

Lose the strictness, balance where possible

Some companies (including some very successful companies) have started adopting flexible working hours for their employees. For example, an employee can arrive as late as 12 o’clock. This is fine, as long as he puts in 8 hours that day. So, his shift begins at 12 and ends at 8 pm. This practice is applied more and more because people have realized that some are just not “morning persons” and are simply more productive in the afternoon. This also gives them time to finish some important personal things in the morning (like taking the children to school, settling your bills, doctor’s appointments, etc.).

By implementing such a working system, you will actually show that you treat your workers as people and because of that, they will go the extra mile.

Compensate the employees well

Depending on the country you live in, there is a certain sum of money which is considered “normal”, as far as monthly payments are concerned. This amount of money should be enough to settle all the bills, pay the rent, have for a decent living – and a sum that is to be left for some basic luxuries. One can discuss whether or not it is good to provide certain bonuses that will go above that amount (because that scenario might not be a powerful incentive), providing enough is of vital importance.

While at work, if your employees do not have to worry about their bills, family, repo men and so on, you can be sure that they will spend the time being productiv.

Hear the voice of your employees

Allowing your employees to be more engaged in the business than their actual job allows them to, makes them feel like they are part of an organization. Moreover, they will feel that they are a part of an organization in which their thoughts and opinions are considered relevant and respected.Train them, talk to them and accept their opinions (the ones that are good). Furthermore, based on your experience, explain why are some of their ideas are bad and provide an alternative (if possible). This will give them a boost of confidence and it will help them strive towards better things.

Allow your workforce to get better at their jobs

There are many ways in which you can improve your employees’ knowledge about their jobs. You can send your employees to training courses or seminars where they can learn something new. You can also have lecturers come to your company to talk and work with the employees. Sure, it will cost some money, but the benefits will be much greater. Also, every person in his or her right mind will always want to get better at what he or she is doing. Humans always have the impulse for getting better.

Give them a purpose

You know that each job in your company is important for advancing in your business. If it was not, you would not have that job post. However, you have to realize that employees can sometimes lose that perspective. So, you can explain how each and every position fits in the picture of the whole company and why their job is important for the prosperity of the business. What you need to do is take every job and shine some light upon it. This way, your workers will feel that they are really contributing, which will also make them work harder and strive to always get even better.

Make your office a place where people want to spend time

That pretty boring image of four grey walls, with cabins for each employee (generally an image of an average company) has long been outdated. Making the room in which work is conducted be neutral will only hurt the morale of your workers, because there will be no positive feelings that can be attributed to going to work. So, what you need to do is make your office a place where people will WANT to come to and spend their time. Redesign, so that it evokes better feelings.

Accept technology and a modern look. Also, foster companionship between your workers and allow your employees to stay later on a Friday night and have a little party to get to know each other better. Why not?

Motivating your workers can be done excellently or poorly. Most people still use the old ways to motivate their employees, while not realizing that they are no longer effective (or, perhaps, they never were). Hopefully, this article has shown you something new. 

About the Author: Damian Wolf has been a writer and online entrepreneur since 2009. He mostly writes about business, employment, productivity and education. Damian currently works on web strategy for Idealpos Solutions, retail software business solutions from Australia.