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Dr. Mariam Noronha is a staff writer for who is also a teacher with over thirteen years of teaching experience. She has taught a wide range of management related subjects and has authored and presented papers at national and international seminars and conferences. An avid reader, researcher and writer; she has authored numerous articles in the copy writing, fiction, web writing and travel writing genre. She has a PhD in Business Administration. Mariam blogs for a number of business blogs and provides consultancy to aspiring entrepreneurs with regard to business planning, branding, product development and promotion.

Social Media

3 CRM Strategies Business Owners Can Use on Facebook

CRM (customer Relationship Management) has become a buzz word of sorts and we see endeavors and instances of the concept wherever we go. I just finished shopping at a mall… Read more »
Personal Development

Are You Fueling Your Business With Creativity?

Do you feel burnt out after starting something with great enthusiasm to begin with? You could be an entrepreneur, a student or just any professional…loss of interest in something that… Read more »

5 Inexpensive and Quick Ways to Grab Attention for your Product

If you are a business owner who is looking for some quick and inexpensive ways to grab attention for your product then here are some ways to tread the tightrope… Read more »

6 Brand Building Mantras for Small Business: Small Things to Build a BIG Brand

Building a brand need not be a task that business owners should consider daunting and expensive. While you might have to spend some money to build a brand, I can… Read more »

5 Reasons Why you Should Hop on to the Made to Order Business Wagon

Everyone who is a business owner aspires to establish themselves, their products/services as preferred brands. If you are looking to make inroads in to business there is truly nothing better… Read more »

7 Zero to Low Cost Business Ideas: Startup Ideas with Negligible Investment (Part 2)

Taking my previous post further, here’s another set of business ideas that are low on investment: 1. Catering With a Twist Each and every one of us who cooks has… Read more »

6 Zero to Low Cost Business Ideas: How to Net BIG Gains With Negligible Investment (Part 1)

Running a business is not easy but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Low investment in business might sound like a distant dream but take it from me it’s not.… Read more »

How to Turn your Flair for Art in to a Work from Home Business

If you love to doodle and draw or indulge in some art form like calligraphy, watercolors, painting or even embroidery and sewing for that matter, you can turn that in… Read more »
Personal Development

6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Richard Attenborough

There’s a lot we can learn from celebrities. Success stories evolve from an indomitable spirit and resilience in the face of rejection and uncertainty. Much has been said and written… Read more »

How News Channels are Using Social Media

As technology is changing the pace of journalism, news channels are working hard to keep up with it. Using social media has become part and parcel of working with news… Read more »